PC & Mac: Best Blu-ray to iPad Converter Software Reviews

We live in a wonderful world of digital media. There are nearly unlimited options to watch anything you want, on any device you want, anywhere you want. But sometimes the media you buy in one format won’t play on the devices you want to watch it on. Such is the case with Blu-ray discs and iPads. With increased memory capacity and an improved screen resolution, the iPads are treated as the best portable media player. However, iTunes, Apple’s media player that controls what content is synced to your iPad, won’t import Blu-ray discs into your library. If you want to play Blu-ray on iPad, you need to copy  Bluray to iPad 4/3/2, rip Bluray to iPad Mini (2/3/4), backup Bluray to iPad Air (2/3), or convert Bluray to iPad Pro

Here, the article picks out several top Blu-ray to iPad converters which can overcome the copy protections found on almost all commercial Blu-ray discs then extract the movie from the disc and convert it into a file that you can import into iTunes. You can learn each Blu-ray to iPad converter review below. 

# 1. Pavtube BDMagic

Summary: Pavtube BDMagic itself is extremely easy to use. Loading a Blu-ray disc takes less than a minute and the software has no problem circumventing copy-protection measures on commercial discs. This gives you the ability to rip any Blu-ray movie or TV show in your collection onto your computer. It even can automatically detect the main title to convert. Of course, it also enables you to choose a certain chapter to convert to your iPad. Using an iPad conversion profile, we converted an hour’s worth of Blu-ray content in a little less than two hours. This may seem like a long time, but it’s worth the wait for a high-quality result.

Additionally, this application enables you to extract audio-only tracks. This is good for users who want to listen to the soundtrack a movie or audio bonus tracks like commentary and interviews.

Pros: The converted video file produced by this Blu-ray ripper is perfectly suited to watch on an iPad. The video and audio are flawless when compared to the original Blu-ray and the same content downloaded from the iTunes store.

Cons: Conversions created for profiles other than the iPad may not sync to your iPad device. 

Verdict: Pavtube BDMagic is an application that has a well-earned place in our review of the best Blu-ray to iPad converter software. It’s an easy-to-use, stable program that gives you a lot of control over your conversion, and the quality of the ripped video is beautiful on an iPad. The flaws in this application are slight and shouldn’t deter you from purchasing it. 

The equivalent Mac version: Pavtube BDMagic for Mac

# 2. Open Blu-ray Ripper

Summary: Open Blu-ray Ripper is quite easy to use; you can start a conversion with a single click. The quality of the converted file is good but not perfect. This program has the standard array of customization features. Most importantly, this software works as promised, something lesser products in our review failed to do. 

Pros: This program is simple to use; you can start a conversion with as little as one click. 

Cons: The customization tools are buried in the application’s expert mode. It lacks a comprehensive selection of iPad conversion profiles and difficulty finding the customization tools. 

Verdict: There isn’t much to complain about with Open Blu-ray Ripper. It does what it says it will do – produces a high-quality video file that’s easily synced and played on your iPad. There are a few minor flaws, such as the lack of a comprehensive selection of iPad conversion profiles and difficulty finding the customization tools. Outside of that, it’s an outstanding program that is more than worthy of your consideration. 

# 3. 4Videosoft Blu-ray Ripper

Summary: 4Videosoft Blu-ray Ripper is Blu-ray to iPad converter application that’s as will rip Blu-ray files onto your computer. It also has conversion profiles for several models of the iPad. It’s a stable and well-coded program that is fairly easy to use. However, there are some major drawbacks to it that keep it out of award winning territory in our review of the best Blu-ray converter software. 

Pros: This application converts Blu-ray footage faster than any other program in our lineup. 

Cons: It cannot rip copy-protected discs, and the ripped videos are poor quality. 

Verdict: This program is not for users who value a high-quality video to watch on their iPad. It cannot rip or convert commercial discs and the quality of the converted file is substandard at best. 

The equivalent Mac version: 4Videosoft Blu-ray Ripper for Mac

# 4. Acrok Video Converter

Summary: At first glance, this Blu-ray to iPad converter is a simple, intuitive program. It loads disc contents quickly. It bypasses copy protections found on commercial discs. It has several preprogrammed iPad conversion profiles. You can start a conversion in about three clicks. Each hour of video content takes about two hours to convert. And the video file produced is perfectly watchable on your iPad. These are the key attributes we looked for in our review of the best Blu-ray to iPad converters. 

Pros: This software successfully made a file that would sync and play on an iPad. 

Cons: This program is buggy and crashes often, especially when you try to customize your selection. The preview window never worked. And the software is a little bit more expensive than other Blu-ray to iPad converters. 

Verdict: If you’re going to use this application to convert your Blu-ray discs for playback on your iPad, you have to act fast. Launch the program, pick your model of iPad, select the file you want and click convert. Any activity outside of this almost certainly results in the application failing. 

The equivalent Mac version: Acrok Video Converter for Mac

# 5. ImTOO Blu-ray to iPad Converter

Summary: This program bypasses all the copy encryptions contained on almost all commercial discs. And it loads Blu-ray content quickly. However, you are only presented with a list of numbered tracks. It’s impossible to tell which track is which, because the main preview window never worked in any of our tests. This means that you need to know the exact number of the track you want to convert or do some guess work based on the length of the track. 

Pros: This application allows you adjust technical aspects of your conversion such as bitrate and frame rate. 

Cons: The software is outdated and only has customization profiles for the first two generations of the iPad. 

Verdict: ImTOO Blu-ray to iPad Converter is antiquated software, incapable of completing a conversion. It failed nearly every test we put to it. We can only recommend it if you have an older iPad, an older computer and an older version of iTunes. And even then there are better options than this software. 

The Mac version is ImTOO Blu-ray to Video Converter for Mac

The top performers in our review are Pavtube BDMagic, the Gold Award winner; Open Blu-ray Ripper, the Silver Award winner; and Acrok Video Converter, the Bronze Award winner. Most of the programs we reviewed have the ability to convert Blu-ray content for the iPad. But they can also do much more: They also have the ability to convert content for nearly every device you own. These programs all have a library of output profiles that optimize Blu-ray content for a great deal of popular iPhone 6S, Galaxy Note 5, PS4, tablets, media server and more, which includes all of the popular mobile operating systems such as Android, Windows Mobile as well as a variety of device manufacturers like Samsung and Motorola.

Editor’s Note: Some products reviewed here allow you to circumvent copy encryptions contained on commercial discs, an act that the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) forbids, even for personal use. But we don’t endorse piracy or any other illegal activity. However, some consumer advocates are actively seeking exceptions to the act’s provision for personal use of copyrighted material purchased by consumers. There’s no evidence that any consumer has been prosecuted or sued for circumventing copy protections for personal use. 

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