4K Phones/Tablets

As a matter of fact, numbers of new 4K Phones and Tablets sticking 4K playing/recording are available on market. If you are looking for the top-rated 4K Phones and 4K Tablets, you are in the right place. With no further ado, just check out our top picks of 4K Phones and Tablets below, whether you are hunting for a phablet-sized phone or a conventionally-sized pocket sidekick. 


Best 4K Phones and Tablets 

4K Phones/Tablets from Apple 

9.7-inch Apple iPad Pro 

The 9.7-inch Apple iPad Pro is the best tablet yet. We love the sleek design and stunning True Tone display, which makes the most of the 1 million tablet-specific apps available in the iOS App Store. Not only can this slate’s 12-megapixel camera shoot in 4K, the A9X processor inside can also edit multiple 4K streams without a hiccup. Plus, this more portable Pro tablet lasts a remarkable 10 hours and 53 minutes on a charge, and it supports the $99 Apple Pencil. 

12.9-inch Apple iPad Pro 

The iPad Pro is a pretty impressive big-screen tablet on its own, but adding the $99 Apple Pencil will really help you get the most out of the 12.9-inch display. The Pencil offers a silky-smooth and lag-free experience in drawing and sketching. You can easily edit 4K video on the go, thanks to the powerful A9X processor inside the tablet. Add in 10 hours of battery life, and you have a lot of reasons to invest in this premium slate. 

iPad Air 3 

For better performance delivery, a faster A9X processor and upgraded 4G RAM will be equipped to this third-generation of iPad Air. Another rumor also suggests a 4K screen with a resolution of 2334 x 3112 for iPad Air 3. 

iPhone 6S/6S Plus/6/6 Plus 

Thankfully, by means of an app, you can push the video recording resolution of your iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus way beyond its specified 1080p standard towards something pretty close to 4K. While, with the launch of Apple’s iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, users now have the option to shoot up 12-megapixel photos and 4K video at 30 fps. 

In addition, if you’re into shooting video, then the iPhone SE’s upgrade to 4K is a compelling one. Not only can the iPhone SE shoot 4K video, but it can also edit multiple streams of 4K video in iMovie. Even if you don’t own a 4K monitor or television, the benefits of such high resolution are multi-faceted. For instance, you can use 4K videos to perform artificial pans and zooms in your editing software of choice, while still maintaining enough resolution for 1080p output. 

4K Phones/Tablets from Android 

Other 4K phones/tablets from Android are 4K camera phones which can record 4K videos with the 4K camera. 

First let’s look at the current 4K phones on market from hot brands. 

1. Samsung 4K phone 

Samsung Galaxy S6/S5, Samsung Galaxy S6 edge, Samsung Galaxy S5 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S5 Sport, Samsung Galaxy S5 Active, Samsung Galaxy Note Edge, Samsung Galaxy Note 4/3, Samsung Galaxy Alpha, Samsung Galaxy S5 LTE-A 

2. Sony 4K phone 

Sony Xperia Z5 Premium, Sony Xperia Z4/Z3/Z2, Sony Xperia Z3V, Sony Xperia Z3 Compact, Sony Xperia Z2A 

3. HTC 4K phone 

HTC One M9, HTC One E9+, HTC One M9+ 

4. LG 4K phone 

LG G Pro 2, LG G Flex 2, LG G3 

5. Motorola 4K phone 

Motorola DROID Turbo, Motorola Moto X 


ZTE Star II, ZTE nubia Z7 Max, ZTE nubia Z7 mini, ZTE nubia Z7, ZTE Nubia Z5S 

7. Google 4K phone 

Google Nexus 6 

8. Meizu 

Meizu MX4 Pro, Meizu MX4 

9. Oppo 

OPPO U3, OPPO R5, OPPO Find 7a, OPPO Find 7 

10. Xiaomi 

Xiaomi Mi 4 

11. OnePlus One 

12. Lenovo 

Lenovo Vibe Z2 Pro 

13. Asus 

Asus PadFone X, Acer Liquid S2 

As to 4K tablets, the only 4K tablet we can find now is Panasonic’s Toughpad, despite the 20" screen which is bigger than usual tablets… 

4K Phones/Tablets from Windows 

Toshiba Satellite Radius 12, Surface Hub, Surface Book 2 

How many pixels can you cram into a notebook? Toshiba is testing the limits with the Satellite Radius 12, a 12-inch convertible with an optional 4K touch screen. But there’s more to it than pixel count: This display, tailored to highly mobile photographers and video editors, is more colorful than any other display this size. Plus, this 3-pound hybrid comes with a 6th-gen Intel Core i7 processor, 8GB of RAM and a 256GB solid-state drive, all for $1,299. 

Surface Hub is an 84-inch tablet giant being packed with a 4K screen resolution, sensors, speakers, WiFi, NFC, microphones, cameras, Wireless Projection and more. And Microsoft is reportedly gearing up to unveil its Surface Book 2 soon, rocking a high-resolution 4K display and a USB Type-C port. 

Whole Solution about Play on 4K Phones and Tablets 

1. 4K Video Format issue

All the 4K phones/tablets above can better handle various tasks, especially for high resolution contents playback. But can all the above 4K phones/tablets hold or play 4K videos? Can they play 4K video/movies with all quality intact and no stuttering and crashing error? The answer is, disappointedly, that it should, but not truly can. 

In the first place, 4K video takes way much space in addition to the high requirement on resolution. It would take much time to download a 4K video from YouTube or other video websites and not be able to be played smoothly on iPhone 6S/6S Plus/6/6 Plus, iPad Pro, iPad Air 3 or Android devices and we have image stabilization to concern. Furthermore, with those microscopic pixels you wouldn’t be able to tell 4K apart from 1080p screen due to the pixel density. 

But optimistically at present, 4K videos can be played on 4K Phones/Tablets once being compressed and converted to iPhone 6S/6S Plus/6/6 Plus/iPad Pro/iPad Air 3/Android supported video formats, in 1080p, at 4:3 or 16:9. After shrinking, the 4K video will have better 1080p or the ability to crop or digitally zoom into a 1080p section.

To solve the troublesome media compatibility and video size issues, all you need is a 4K video converter/compressor

Top Solutions: 

Ultimate Way to Play 4K videos on iPad Air 2 with Zero Quality Loss 

This tutorial will show you how to transcode 4K to iPad Air 2 with maximum high quality reserved such that you can watch 4K movies on iPad Air 2 with original quality on the go. 

Freely Convert 4K Videos to Xperia Z5 Premium 

This tutorial will show you Xperia Z5 Premium supported video/audio formats and how to convert video to Xperia Z5 Premium

How to Convert 4K Video to Surface Hub Cushily 

Yearn for converting 4K video to Surface Hub for watching while moving around? Here present you how to convert 4K video to Surface Hub with greatest ease. 

Convert 4K Video to iPhone SE for Watching MP4 MOV MKV AVI FLV Videos with Top Quality 

The tutorial focuses on the solution to convert 4K video to iPhone SE readable format in a snap so that you can play 4K FLV MOV M2TS MP4 AVI MKV videos on iPhone SE limitlessly with optimal quality. 

2. Blu-ray/DVD Playback Problem 

Smartphones and tablets, new or old, are devoid of BD/DVD players, leading to the inability to play Blu-ray/DVD movies on 4K phones and tablets thereon. However, many Blu-ray/DVD rippers do not support the latest mobile devices or cannot rip copy-protected Blu-ray/DVD discs. 

Top Solutions: 

How to Easily Rip DVD to Surface Hub with Lossless Quality 

Expect to watch DVD movies on Surface Hub with 4K solution on the move? This tutorial will show you how to rip DVD to Surface Hub Windows 10 tablet so that you can enjoy DVD on Surface Hub on the go. 

How to Rip Protected Blu-ray to Surface Hub 

This article show you how to rip copy protected Blu-ray to Surface Huab playable format to help you play DVD on this gadget on the go. 

Step-by-Step Guide to Rip Blu-ray Movies to iPad Air 2 with Ease 

Don’t know how to make Blu-rays playable on iPad Air 2? This article will show you a 4-step solution to convert Blu-ray to iPad Air 2 with top quality. 

Best ISO Ripper: Convert ISO to Surface Huab with Ease 

Wanna the best ISO ripper that works flawlessly for Surface Hub? Choose an ISO ripper tool designed to rip DVD/Blu-ray ISO to Surface Hub compliant format. 

Play Blu-ray Movie on iPad Air 3 with High Video Quality 

Pavtube ByteCopy is designed for users to rip Blu-ray and transfer Blu-ray to iPad Air 3 via iTunes effortlessly. (Read Review

How to Rip Blu-ray/DVD to iPad Pro Compatible Videos 

Learn how to rip Blu-ray/DVD to iPad Pro compatible videos with an easy and quick way, includes 9.7" and 12.9" iPad Pro. 

Best Way to Rip ISO to iPad Pro 

If you have lots of ISO files and an iPad Pro, chances are you want to play ISO on iPad Pro. Here is a detailed guide you can follow step by step. 

Best Way to Convert DVD to iPad Air 3 for Playback at Will 

This DVD to iPad Air 3 guide will tell you how to rip DVD movie to iPad Air 3 surpported format in a few clicks. 

Easiest Solution to Rip DVD to iPhone 6/6 Plus for Entertainment on the Move 

This article aims to show you the easiest solution to rip DVD to iPhone 6/6 Plus, so that you can watch your favorite DVD movies on iPhone 6/6 Plus freely on the go. 

How to Rip Encrypted DVD to iPhone 6S for Watching at One Go 

To watch DVD on this iPhone, you need to rip DVD to iPhone 6S friendly format first. 

The Best Solution to Convert ISO/IFO to iPhone 6 Plus on Mac for Playback 

Fail to import DVD to iPhone 6 Plus? Don’t worry any more. Find this clue in this article

Tutorial to Rip and Convert DVD to Xperia Z4 from Windows 10/8.1/8 for Playback 

Here is the best solution to rip DVD to Xperia Z4 tablet

Trouble Free to Rip Encrypted Blu-ray to iPhone SE for Playback 

See how to rip protected Blu-ray to iPhone SE on Mac with Pavtube BDMagic for Mac

How to Rip Blu-ray to Surface Book 2 without Blu-ray Drive 

This article provides a easy and quick solution to play Blu-ray movies on Surface Book 2 with high quality. 

3. SD/HD Video Format Issues 

4K Mobile devices have limited video format supported and cannot play all videos on 4K phones/tablets due to the format issue. Some video converters take a long time to convert videos but output videos with quality loss. 

Top Solutions: 

How to Put Video to iPhone 6S for Watching 

iPhone 6S supports relatively few video formats, only MOV, MP4, M4V video format. If fact, it is very easy to put video to iPhone 6S so long as you own the professional video to iPhone 6S converter. 

Convert MKV AVI MOV FLV Video to Sony Xperia Z4 With No Quality Loss 

Top Sony Xperia Z4 video converter allows you to convert any video to Sony Xperia Z4, bringing you the possibilities to play MKV MOV FLV AVI etc. videos movies on Xperia Z4. 

Compatible Facts with 4K phones/tablets 

The feeling of watching movies and videos with the mobile device is amazing, thanks to their stunning high-resolution screens. But the truth is you may be constantly embarrassed by the compatibility issues. 

Best Video Formats Supported by iPad Air 2/Mini 3 

What’s the video formats that can be played on iPad Air 2/Mini 3? Here you will learn the supported video format for iPad Air 2/Mini 3 and Blu-ray/DVD ripper & video converter to transfer movies and videos for watching on these gadgets. 

Formats that iPhone 7/SE Supports 

Unsure about How you can save and watch Videos Offline on Your iPhone 7/SE? Read on iPhone 7/SE supported formats for more details. 

Play Video on Surface tablets without Format Constraint 

Are you struggling to play videos Surface tablets freely? To convert videos to Surface playable format is an easy solution for users to play any video files like M2TS, MTS, AVI, FLV, MOV etc on Surface tablets without any limit. 

Best Apps for Digital Enhancement 

If you want to reap the full benefits of having 4K Phones and Tablets, just scroll down and get the most trustworthy apps to enrich your Blu-ray/DVD, SD/4K video entertainment on your devices. 

Workaround- Rip Protected Blu-ray/DVDs 

Pavtube DVDAid/Pavtube BDMagic/Pavtube ByteCopy – Free Blu-rays/DVDs from the confines of their plastic-and-metal prison and copy & rip Blu-ray/DVD to the latest 4K mobiles regardless of BD/DVD copy protection

Workaround- Transocde HD/4K Videos 

Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate – Transocde & convert videos (HD/4K included) for playback on 200+ mobile devices with 4K resolution in intack quality and world’s fastest speed. 

Workaround- Convert DRM protected Videos 

To remove downloaded, purchased or rented DRM-protected videos from iTunes, Amazon Instant Video, Digital Copy, Windows Media Center, Zune Marketplace, BBC iPlayer, Xbox Live Store, Limewire, uTorrent, FrostWire, etc., and convert them to all popular video/audio formats for playing on 4K phones/tablets anywhere you like without any hassle, the top DRM ConverterPavtube ChewTune is right here waiting for you. 

Now try Pavtube multimedia tools versed in converting videos (SD/HD/4K UHD), movies (3D), TV shows(iTunes), music videos, discs (2D/3DBlu-ray/DVD/ISO) of various formats to iPad Pro, iPad Air 3, iPhone 7/6S/6S Plus/6/6 Plus, Xperia Z4, Surface Hub and other latest 4K mobile phones & tablets for watching on the go or at home. (See Pavtube Products comparison

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