Copy Blu-ray Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ for Playing

Samsung launched its latest smartphone, the Galaxy S6 edge+, in Mumbai on 21 August. The phone features a 5.7-inch QuadHD Super AMOLED display which is quite vibrant and bright. Do you planning buy this Galaxy S6 edge+? After you got the Galaxy S6 edge+, you may want to transfer movies onto it for watching on the go, it is great for us to enjoy movies during the trip. As Blu-ray movies have the high quality, is there a way to help us to transfer Blu-ray to Galaxy S6 edge+? This article will guide you how to rip and copy Blu-rays movie to Galaxy S6 edge+ on PC (Windows 10/8.1/8/7).  Hot Search: Blu-ray Continue reading

4K to Note 5 – Enjoy 4K Videos to Samsung New Galaxy Note 5

Samsung’s next-gen phablet, the Galaxy Note 5, has been tipped to receive a 5.9in Ultra HD (4K resolution: 2160 x 3840 pixels) Super AMOLED display with 700+ppi pixel density as the company is reportedly manufacturing Ultra HD display panels with its ETA set for next August, according to a recently leaked Samsung mobile display roadmap for 2015. The Galaxy Note 5 Ultra rumors read like a fanboy fantasy. If you want to enjoy 4K videos on Galaxy Note 5, you may need to get help from a 4K Video Converter for Galaxy Note 5.  Hot Search: Galaxy Note 5 VS iPhone 7 | iTunes M4V to Galaxy Note 5 | DVD to Galaxy Note 5 | Blu-ray on Continue reading

Put DVD to Galaxy Note 5 With Unmatchable Quality

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 has 5.7 inches display so it is wonderful for us to copy videos and movies onto it for watching at anytime, anywhere. But on the forums there are a few of Galaxy Note 5 users have found that Galaxy Note 5 can’t play all the Movies, such as DVD discs, because there is no DVD-ROM and the Galaxy Note 5 only plays H.264 MP4 files well. If you the same questions, this article will guide you how to rip and copy DVD movies to Samsung Galaxy Note 5 on PC and Mac.  Hot Search: DVD to FCP | DVD to Plex | DVD to NAS | DVD to Roku | DVD to Xbox From Samsung Galaxy Note Continue reading

Viewing DVDs on Samsung Chromebook for Tea Time


Chromebooks are incredibly useful, simple laptops that offer excellent value for money, and a surprising amount of productivity, if you’re willing to fully embrace the cloud. So, More and more Chromebook users and have the same questions: “External dvd on Samsung Chromebook. Will it work? So I was testing out my chromebook to see if it is possible to connect an external dvd/cd player and burner. It did not give me the option to play the dvd. If anybody knows if it is even possible to play dvds please let me know what I am suppose to do. Thanks for watching.” from Youtube. Chromebook Users need to Know:Play Blu-ray on Continue reading

Best Galaxy A5 Video Converter to Convert MKV/AVI/FLV Videos

The Samsung Galaxy A5 comes with “full metal unibody” design. The display is a 5-inch, 720p one, of the Super AMOLED type. If you are a movie lover, you may want to transfer movies from computer to Galaxy A5 for watching at anytime, anywhere. The point is that, Samsung Galaxy A5 fails to play MKV, AVI, VOB, WMV, Tivo, MPG, FLV/F4V videos. So, you have to convert these videos Galaxy A5 supported video format first H.264 MP4, and then you can play movies on Galaxy A5 well. When playing local content, For example, the available audio and video formats for Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is the same as Samsung Galaxy Continue reading

Rip Blu-ray to SD card on Oculus Cinema use Smartphone and Gear VR

Q: “How do I put Blu-ray movies onto SD card to watch on my Smartphone and Gear VR in Oculus Cinema? I will be going on a LONG trip this weekend, and would like to put a couple of movies onto an SD card so my kids and I can use the Smartphone and Gear VR to watch, instead of lugging around bulky Blu-ray players. Can someone please tell me how to do that? Do I have to rip the Blu-ray onto my computer, then transfer them onto my SD card? How, exactly, do I do that? Step by step instructions would be really helpful to this newbie. Thank you Continue reading

ISO Converter for Galaxy S – Play ISO on Galaxy S6/Galaxy A7


Samsung smartphones is a great choice if you want to enjoy your favorite movies for watching with Big – Screen. Samsung Galaxy S6/Galaxy A7 will show you a great Visual Feast for enjoyment. Which one you choose, you all need to know How to enable your Blu-ray and DVD ISO movie files playback on Galaxy S6/Galaxy A7 with an effective way. Let’s look the commen problem “Galaxy S6/Galaxy A7 ISO playback issues” solution.   Hot Search: Movies in Gear VR, DVD to Galaxy S6, DRM video to Galaxy A7, HD Video on Galaxy A7, Blu-ray to Galaxy A7…   Actually, To enjoy the Blu-ray/DVD ISO movies on Samsung Galaxy S6/A7, the best solution is converting ISO to Galaxy S6/A7 Continue reading

Putting DVD or ISO on Samsung Galaxy Note 4 for Playback


Nowadays many folks like backing up their DVD discs into ISO image files for managing their DVD movie in an easy way. ISO images are stored in an uncompressed format. If you’re planning buy this great Samsung Galaxy Note 4 with the intent of watching movies on trips. I want to say it’s a right decision. This guide will just show you how to convert DVD/ISO to Galaxy Note 4 supported video files with 3 simple steps.    Sure, there is. You just need a DVD Ripper for Galaxy Note 4. this issue will be easily solved. Pavtube DVD to Galaxy Note 4 Converter can help you to rip and convert DVD and ISO Continue reading

Play Blu-ray/DVD movies on Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2 with full HD playback


Want to watch your favorite Blu-ray/DVD movies on Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2 with its high resolution? Look for an effective way to stream Blu-ray/DVD to Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2 for playing on the go? Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2 will bring you an extraordinary movie watching experience. However, Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2 can not play Blu-ray/DVD movies directly. you need to convert Blu-ray/DVD movies to Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2 compatible video formats first and then transfer the converted video files to your tablet.Hot Search: Play Blu-ray/DVD on Galaxy S6, 3D Blu-rays in Gear VR , DRMed Movies on Galaxy S6 Edge, Watch DVD in Gear VR Innovator Edition …     The following guide will mainly show you an easy Continue reading

Backup DVD to Galaxy S6/S6 Edge in Gear VR Innovator Edition


The Samsung Gear VR has plenty of potential, but it is limited by a sparse content store out of the box. The positive is that Samsung and Oculus have made it easy to import and watch your own movies in virtual cinema mode. If you want to put DVD movies onto Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge in Gear VR Innovator Edition for watching on the go, but don’t know what to do? Get the solution below that teaches you how to rip DVD to Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 Edge compatible videos so that you can enjoy your DVD movies in Gear VR Innovator Edition more conveniently.  To convert DVD to Galaxy S6/S6 Continue reading