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Apr 17

iOS 8 may come with baked-in Shazam so you can ask Siri what’s playing


Apple has plans to bake Shazam’s music-recognition service directly into iOS, an interesting new report claims.

The plan is to incorporate Shazam into the software in the same way that Facebook and Twitter are, and to allow users to ask Siri what song is playing without opening the Shazam app.

Shazam declined to comment on the matter to TechRadar, however WWDC 2014 is just around the corner and it’s possible we could see the new feature included in iOS 8 when it’s revealed.Integration station

It’s unclear right now whether Apple plans to offer up a new first-party app for all this music recognition data.

The information comes from sources speaking to Bloomberg, one of which also claimed that Apple’s iTunes Radio is currently gearing up for a global release.

It was also reported that Apple is chewing over the idea of putting out iTunes Radio as a standalone app, rather than as just a feature built into the iTunes store as it currently stands.

New iOS 8 Changes Detailed

Apr 16

iFonebox for windows released for iOS device uses to recover lost data


iFonebox for Windows is released on April 16,2014,It is a professional and powerful ios data recover software for iPhone/iPad/iPod users to recover deleted/lost data. Moreover, it supports the latest iOS 7.1 too. The upgrade facilitates full data recovery from all iOS Device.

Accidently deleted photos, text messages or other crucial data on your iPhone, iPad or iPod? Broke or damaged your iPhone or iPad and now the data’s gone? Failed updates kill your data?  whatever the problem, iFonebox is here ! this easy-to-use ios data recover tool can help you quickly recover photos & videos, contacts, SMS, call logs, memos and calendars, even Safari bookmarks you thought you’d lost forever! How does it work? Just follow 3 simple steps and, you can preview your lost files, recover lost data with ease.

2 Recovery Modes Provided by iFonebox
Recover directly from iOS Device
Recover from iTunes Backup

Recover up to 11 File Formats
Text content: Contacts, Messages, Call history, Calendar, Notes, Reminder, Safari bookmark; Media content: Camera Roll, Photo Stream, Message attachments, Voice memos.

Supported iOS Devices
iPhone 5C, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPad air,iPad mini, iPad with Retina Display, The New iPad, iPad 2, iPad, iPod touch 5 and iPod touch 4.

Preview What You Lost Before Recovery
This ios data recovery software allows you to preview lost files before recovery, clear, organized and in original quality.
- Preview contacts in detail, including address, job title, etc.
- Read SMS contents including iMessages, photos, videos, etc.
- Export and check your list of lost files in HTML

iFonebox official website:

Apr 16

Android 4.5 preview destined for Nexus 8


It was last October when Android 4.4 KitKat was finally released, which debuted on the Nexus 5 first. We had assumed it would be seen on the Nexus 7 earlier that year, but Google favored the smartphone over the tablet. Even though it has only been 6 months, we now look ahead to Android 4.5, which as yet has no official name, although Lollipop has been mentioned.

With Google I/O 2014 just a couple of months away it stands to reason that we will start to learn more about Android 4.5, and a recent tease does feel us with some excitement, as we get to see just what the new version of the mobile OS will look like – or so we assume.

A recent Android 4.5 preview gives us a good idea of the design of the mobile operating system, and one thing is very clear, it comes with a more simplistic, flatter look compared to KitKat. Comparisons have been made to iOS 7, as this also went for the flat design as well.

With rumors suggesting that Android 4.5 could be released on the Nexus 8 tablet first, we wonder if we are looking at a preview of the Nexus 8 software? Okay, so we had these rumors with the Nexus 7 last year, but with the larger tablet expected to be more popular than the smaller one, it makes sense to release it with the latest and greatest mobile OS available, and not one that would be around 8 months old once released.

Back to the design of Android 4.5 – Let’s say this is the next version of Android we are looking at, then the cleaner design will have a huge effect on the performance of the OS, which you can see just by looking at a side-by-side view of the icons above.

The render shows the icons are flatter and far more simplistic in design. Android Police came up with the renders themselves based on the knowledge they have so far.

Again, we expect Google to announce Android 4.5 at its I/O event on June 25th, but what device will it make it to first?

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Apr 15

How to set a mobile data limit on the Galaxy S3, S4 or S5


Data limits are the bane of many people’s existence. They’re a necessary evil but always seem to run out just when you need them and then you get hit with crazy excess charges or ‘shaping’ that cuts your data flow to a trickle. Galaxy devices make it nice and easy for you to set a mobile data limit to avoid running out of data entirely or bringing on some bill shock at the end of the month.

Holding the reins when it comes to data usage is essential in these LTE/download booster times. / © AndroidPIT

On the Galaxy S3 just hit Settings > Connections tab > Data Usage > Set Mobile Data Limit and enter whatever data limit you like before you get a warning. Our screenshots are an international Galaxy S3 running Samsung’s Android 4.3 firmware.

The Galaxy S3 on Android 4.3: set mobile data limit. / © AndroidPIT

On the Galaxy S4 it’s exactly the same path: Settings > Connections tab > Data Usage > Set Mobile Data Limit. Depending on what version of Android you have or what custom ROM you might be running, the path may be slightly different. Our screenshot is an international Galaxy S4 running Samsung’s Android 4.4.2.

The Galaxy S4 on Android 4.4.2: business as usual for setting a data limit. / © AndroidPIT

The Galaxy S5 is slightly different due to the new TouchWiz, but it’s just as easy: Settings > Quick Settings > Data Usage > Set Mobile Data Limit. Our Galaxy S5 is, of course, running the straight-out-of-the-box Android 4.4.2 firmware.

The Galaxy S5 on Android 4.4.2: slightly different look thanks to the new TouchWiz. / © AndroidPIT

Note: You will only see the Set Mobile Data Limit option if you have a data enabled SIM card inserted.

Mobile data limits can be set on any device running Android 4.0+. Just look for the Data Usage section in your Settings.

Do you use this feature? What other ways do you keep track of your data usage?


Apr 14

How to download files faster on the Samsung Galaxy S5


Did you know that you could download files faster on the Galaxy S5? Samsung’s new Android flagship comes with a built-in ‘Download Booster’ mode that basically allows you to use the speeds of Wi-Fi and 4G LTE networks combined. This will come in handy, especially for users who are in a hurry to download a big file.

Enabling ‘Download Booster’ is as simple as it gets – you just have to know that the option exists. On most Galaxy S5, to enable download booster, you need to first have enabled Mobile Data and Wi-Fi, and then slide down from the top to bring the notification shade. Slide the toggles to the left, and – by default – that’s where the ‘Download Booster’ mode resides.

If you cannot find it there, make sure to double-check: just open Settings and look for the Download Booster icon. By default, it’s a blue icon appearing at the top-most row, and you can enable it from there as well.

Some Galaxy S5 devices, however, might lack this new mode. In fact, the three biggest US carriers – Verizon Wireless, AT&T, Sprint – have negotiated to have the feature removed to avoid having their networks hogged. The only big US carrier that seemingly supports it for the moment is T-Mobile.

Finally, keep in mind that by using your 4G LTE connection to download large files, you’ll quickly deplete your monthly data allowance. Moreover, you may run into overage fees on some carriers. The ‘Download Booster’ could be a useful feature for those times when you need to get files as quickly as possible, but make sure to use it with caution.

Apr 10

Nokia 225 in Real specification and price


The Nokia 225 comes in both single and double SIM variants, and Nokia claims it has a standby time of up to 36 days. It is furnished with a two-megapixel Polaroid and characteristics Microsd backing of up to 32gb. The gadget incorporates a Mp3, which Nokia says has up to 51 hours of playback time.

The telephone offers a 2.8-inch presentation and is preloaded with Nokia’s cloud-fueled Xpress Browser, which serves to streamline site information and accelerate execution considerably over slower arranges. Facebook and Twitter applications are additionally accessible specifically on the homescreen, while there are five preloaded diversions: Block Breaker 3, Asphalt 6, Assassins Creed 3.
Nokia has been publishing really magnetic telephones over the past few months, yet that doesn’t would not joke about this has overlooked its critical easier end market.

It has now introduced an alternate alternative for clients by propelling the new Nokia 225.

The Nokia 225 accompanies a 2.8″ 256k shade show with 320 x 240 determination, which is likewise the biggest presentation Nokia has put on a non-touchscreen telephone eve.

Nokia 225 takes after organization’s late outline dialect, and additionally arrives in a plenty of colors alongside an electric lamp. Nokia 225 weighs simply under 100g and is 10.4mm thick. On the product side, Nokia 225 runs on Series 30 OS.

A couple of important provisions come preinstalled, including Twitter, Facebook, Bing and Nokia’s prominent Xpress Browser.

At the once again of Nokia 225 is a solitary 2 mp Polaroid with QVGA feature recording at 15fps. FM Radio accompanies the telephone. Bluetooth 3.0 with SLAM. The telephone is controlled by a 1.200 mah battery, enough for 36 days of standby, 49 hours of music playing and 21 hours worth talktime.

Nokia 225 will be accessible for $53 in the advancing few months. A double sim variant of Nokia 225 will take after later as well. The telephones will be accessible in Black, White, Red, Green and Yellow.

Co-of course, Nokia additionally makes a touchscreen telephone with a very much alike sticker, called the Asha 230, so on the off chance that you have your heart set on a modest Nokia, that could be a constraining choice also.


Apr 08

New to Android? Here are suggestions on must-have apps for your smartphone


If you’re new to Android and you’re not quite sure which apps to install on your smartphone then you’ll find some suggestions here. There’s a good chance your new phone came with a bunch of apps pre-installed. Some of them will prove useful; some will turn out to be bloatware. As you cast your discerning eye across Google Play you’ll find hundreds of thousands of options. You can’t have them all, so take your time and pick the cream of the crop.

There are some pretty obvious early downloads so we’ll skip DropBox, Facebook and Twitter, and we’ll merge Google’s wares into our first entry. The rest of the entries on our list are a mixed bunch, some well-known, some not so, but they all have something in common – these are all must-have apps for your new Android smartphone.

Google Apps (Free)

You’ll find a bunch of Google apps pre-installed on your new Android smartphone, including the excellent Gmail and Google Maps, but there are others you’ll want to seek out and install straight away. Take advantage of free cloud storage and enjoy the ability to access files from anywhere with Google Drive. Do the same with music by grabbing Google Play Music. All of Google’s apps are great so you should also check out Google+, Chrome, Sky Map, Google Goggles, and the rest of the gang.

Best Apps Market (Free)

When you have more than 700,000 apps to choose from it can be tricky to uncover those hidden gems. Best Apps Market is a powerful app discovery tool that helps you to find the apps and games that you really want. It is fast, easy to use, and packed with solid recommendations and plenty of filters to narrow down your searches.

TuneIn Radio (Free)

Whether you like to have tunes playing or you want to catch up with the latest sports scores you’ll find that TuneIn has got you covered. Free access to over 70,000 radio stations and over 2 million podcasts means you can always find something worth listening to. It’s easy to use, you can search for the content you want and find it, and even if the app can’t play exactly what you want it will find something similar.

Flipboard (Free)

This is one of those news aggregator magazine apps. You enter the topics you are interested in and get a stream of top articles from some of the best sources on the web. It has all the usual filter options and as much social media integration as you can handle. What elevates it above other great news aggregator apps like Pulse is the simple joy of the flip animation as you flick through stories.

Instagram (Free)

100 million users can’t be wrong. Instagram is a great way to enhance your photos and it features a set of unique filters to get the exact look you want. It’s easy to share your creations and interact with other people. If you’re not keen on joining Instagram there are some great alternative Android photography apps like PicSay, Pixlr-o-matic and Snapseed. Avast!

Mobile Security

The hysteria about Android malware is starting to reach fever pitch. The reason Android malware is on the rise is simple – it has far more users than any other platform. If you’re sensible about what you install there’s no need for alarm, but if you’d rather have peace of mind and snag some anti-theft tools while you’re at it, then you need Avast! This is by far the best security app for Android.

Gmote 2.0 (Free)

This handy app converts your Android smartphone into a remote control for your PC or laptop. Install the app on your phone, the server software on your computer, and when you load it up you can use your phone as a remote control for movies or music. You can also browse your files, browse the web, and stream music to your phone. It’s very straightforward and it’s completely free.

Netflix (Free)

Obviously you’ll need a Netflix subscription to take advantage of this app and that will cost you $8 or £6 per month. That fee will give you access to a load of movies and TV shows which you can stream to your computer, laptop, game console, smartphone or tablet. The great thing about the Android Netflix app is that you can use it as a remote control and second screen to browse content while you are watching something else via your PS3.

Kindle (Free)

Amazon offers a great choice of eBooks and the Kindle app allows you to easily sync your progress, so you can pick up where you left off last night on your Kindle with your smartphone on the morning commute. You can also use it to access magazines or newspapers and it has a handy built-in dictionary. If you don’t already use Amazon for eBooks or own a Kindle then you might prefer Aldiko, which is a great, free eBook app.

Tasker ($6.49)

There’s no getting away from the steep learning curve with Tasker, but it is, without doubt, the best way to unleash the potential of your Android smartphone. Tasker is all about automation. You can set triggers and rules for everything. Switch to silent mode at specific times or in specific locations, automate emails or SMS, set an alarm to wake you up with a random song from your collection, automatically cycle your wallpaper – the possibilities are endless.

Xbox SmartGlass (Free)

If you don’t have an Xbox 360 then move along there’s nothing to see here. If you do then the SmartGlass app is a no-brainer. First and foremost it’s a remote control for your Xbox 360 so you can browse content and control it. You can also use it to browse the web. The exciting potential is second screen functionality so you can access more information on what you are watching through the app or even enjoy extended gameplay for some games.

doubleTwist (Free)

Here’s a good iTunes replacement for Android newbies. Sync music, create playlists, download album artwork, subscribe to podcasts, and stream music, video or photos to your PS3, Xbox 360 or Apple TV from your Android smartphone. You can import from iTunes so it’s a great solution for people with a big iTunes collection (you could also use Google Play Music). If you want to go wireless you have to splash out for AirSync ($5).

Android Authority (Free)

The list wouldn’t be complete without your very own window to this website. Keep up with all the latest Android news, apps, rumors, reviews, tips and tricks with the official Android Authority app.More Android Apps

This is only the tip of the iceberg. There’s so much you can do with your new Android smartphone and the right apps. Fitness fans should check out RunKeeper, if you want to eat out then you need Urbanspoon, drivers should check out GasBuddy and Waze, you can increase productivity with Evernote, Out of Milk, and Call Blocker….the list just goes on and on. You can also check out our 13 must-have apps for your new Android tablet to find some great options for tablets.

If you want to suggest any essential Android apps for newcomers to the platform then post a comment.


Apr 02

HTC One (M8) Dot View Cover Review


When HTC introduced its brand new HTC One (M8) smartphone, it also debuted a brand new, and very unique, accessory for the device. It’s called the Dot View cover, and it basically allows you to see alerts, answer incoming calls, view the time and weather, and more, all without ever opening the cover or turning on your phone. The device will soon be available in several colors for $49.99, but we had a gray unit that we tested with our HTC One (M8), and wanted to bring you a quick review on what it has to offer.

We aren’t usually fans of flip-view style cases, no matter who it’s from, mainly because the flap always seems to get in the way of what we’re trying to do.Usually, we just want to dive right in and look at the phone and start interacting. The dot view is a bit different, though, in that it allows us to interact a bit without having to open it at all (competitors, like Samsung and LG, have similar interactive cases but they use a window instead).

Dot View basically protects the back of your phone with a thin plastic cover, and then the front has a dot-matrix style design with semi-clear holes that let light shine through. Underneath, the phone does all of the work by displaying information on the screen. Double tap the display, like you would if you didn’t have a case on, and the screen lights up with information. If it’s cloudy, you’ll see that. It’ll also then show the temperature. Or, you can swipe up to answer a call, swipe down to end the call. You can talk without ever opening the cover. We will note you have to be deliberate on your touch.

We don’t like that you have to hold it awkwardly to take a picture, it makes it feel like you’re going to fumble and drop the phone. Also, when it’s open, the cover doesn’t really bend with the curve of the phone and that makes holding it a bit uncomfortable. It does a good job of protecting the phone, however, and it seems popular enough, it’s already sold out.

We definitely liked using it for the past few days, but we’re probably still going to let the HTC One (M8) run naked because we love the design. It’s still a great case, though, and one of the best flip-style cases we’ve ever tested. Check out our video above and gallery below for a closer look.

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For folks in UK- You can rip your media—CDs and DVDs—for personal use from June


Mar 31

Ripping CDs and DVDs Will Be Legal in U.K. in June


Starting in June, folks in the U.K. will legally be allowed to rip their media—CDs and DVDs—for personal use. After thorough examination of current copyright laws, officials have decided that consumers have the right to rip their collection of media. The U.K.’s Intellectual Property Office said the change will also broaden other forms of fair use without harming copyright holders. If, for example, you have a DVD and want to put it on your iPad, you can do so without infringing copyright.

“This measure will benefit technology firms by removing barriers and costs and improving entry to technology markets, which rely on customers being able to make private copies,” a government official said.

Most notably, consumers will able to store their backups in the cloud, which opens up plenty of nefarious opportunities. However, officials stressed that sharing media will remain illegal. That’s a pretty big temptation that many consumers will come face-to-face with when the law changes this June. Folks likely already make digital copies of their physical media, but it will be in the public consciousness even more once the revision goes into effect. In a government-commissioned survey, 85-percent of consumers in the U.K. said they already thought DVD and CD ripping was legal.

Officials also state that physical media can be re-sold, but backup copies of said media will be required to be destroyed. Additionally, U.K. citizens will also have the freedom to quote from or parody the work of others under the new revision, as long as folks properly cite the content’s creator. The changes will start being enforced in June, so hold off for now on ripping your 90s music collection. You can read all the changes at the source link below.



Mar 28

Office Mobile is now completely free to use on Android and iPhone


Microsoft’s big news on Thursday was the introduction of Office for iPad, which is part of the Redmond company’s “mobile first, cloud first approach.” But the company also dropped a smaller announcement among the iPad news, making Office Mobile for iPhone and Android completely free.

There are a few caveats involved (if you’re a business), though the optimized apps will give users access to view and edit Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents right from their mobile device. Documents you edit will then be synced across OneDrive, and show up across your other devices with Microsoft’s Office suite.

You can sign up for a free Microsoft account to create, edit and save documents for home use. But if you’re a business, you’ll need a qualifying Office 365 subscription in order to create and edit documents. If you’re a student or just use Office casually, however, you can get the goodness of Microsoft’s productivity suite for free—and that’s great. Of course, making the mobile apps free is likely just Microsoft’s way of encouraging you to pony up for an Office 365 subscription on the desktop, or on the iPad.

It appears as though both the iPhone and Android updates are already live in their respective stores, so head on over to begin working on your mobile documents. Making the apps free is a nice touch on Microsoft’s part. It’s just too bad Office for iPad didn’t receive the same treatment (if you want to create and edit), although the suite of does look very beautiful.

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