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Copy Blu-ray/DVD to Hard Drive for Use in Tablet/PC/Laptop on Holiday

Nobody dislike holiday. What do you often do in holiday, have a travel? Many people love to travel in holiday while many people like to stay at home to watch movies to kill the space time in sun holiday. You might have lots of Blu-ray/DVD collection and want to watch them all in the holiday with your tablet/PC/laptop. But the drive on your Tablet/PC/Laptop only can read DVD discs but no Blu-ray. So I suggest you to copy your Blu-ray/DVD movies to a large capacity hard drive on your main PC so that you don’t need a Blu-ray Drive or DVD Drive to watch Blu-ray/DVD movies on Tablet/PC/Laptop. To copy Continue reading

Rip DVD to Asus ZenPad 3S 10 for Streaming

iPads are expensive and often have problem in VPN use, which makes the cost performance not so good. So many people tend to get an Android tablet. The new released Asus ZenPad 3S 10 is a high quality tablet,like a laptop, coming with a 9.70-inch display with a resolution of 1536 pixels by 2048 pixels. This kind of high quality tablet will be able to play 720p DVD movies without any pressure. So here, let’s teach you to how rip and copy DVD to Asus ZenPad 3S 10 for watching. Preparation Your DVD movies (commercial, online rentals and copy-protected) A PC A DVD Ripper: If you are Mac user, you should get Continue reading

Best Handbrake for macOS Sierra Alternatives

macOS Sierra, coming in the fall, is the new name of Apple’s Mac operating system. It will be available as a free software update for compatible MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac, Mac mini, and Mac Pro models in the fall. Thus Mac users rush to update to macOS Sierra, and finally find some applications are not available on the newly macOS, Handbrake for example. Handbrake may be the most popular DVD Decrypter as a open-source software. It has Mac version that can be widely used on Mac OS X. But unfortunately, Handbrake for macOS Sierra is not available, only Mac OS X 10.6 to 10.11 are supported at present. So if Continue reading

Top 3 DVD Rippers for macOS Sierra

Did you update your Mac El Capitan to macOS Sierra operating system? After the update, have you ever tried to rip DVD on your Mac? If not, I suggest you to have a try cause many DVD Rippers don’t work on this new system. Do you also remember that when Apple released El Capitan, it made many DVD ripping tools and Blu-ray ripping tools out of work? And now, the problem comes back. But don’t worry, we have gathered top 3 DVD Rippers for Mac OS X 10.12 macOS Sierra here for you. These three DVD Ripper applications can run perfectly on the latest system. They allows you to rip Continue reading

Play DVD Movies on iPad via Seagate Wireless Plus

iPads have limited storage space to make you store movies. Especially, when you extracted some video from DVDs and plan to put the DVD rips on iPad, the space on iPad only allows you store 2-3 DVD movies cause DVD movies usually are big. If you want to watch more DVD movies on iPad at home or in a car trip, I suggest you to copy DVD to Seagate Wireless Plus for iPad. Seagate Wireless Plus has built-in Wi-Fi for wireless transfer and media streaming on iPad. What’s more, putting DVD to Seagate Wireless Plus for iPad isn’t difficulty when you have a easy-to-use DVD Ripper.You may rely on Handbrake Continue reading

Put DVD to Leef USB Flash Drive for iOS Devices

The amount of storage space on a mobile device is important but iPhone and iPad owners will be disappointed. We have found that even with a 128GB iPhone 7 or iPad Air 3 and Apple does not provide card slots for expansion. That’s why the Leef iBridge Lightning and USB flash drive is a God send. It plugs into the Lightning port at the bottom of the more recent iPhones and iPads and offers significant upgrades to the amount of storage space available. It huge storage space also can store some DVD movies for iPad and iPhone streaming. Pavtube ByteCopy – Best DVD to iPad/iPhone Converter Pavtube ByteCopy for Windows/Mac is recommended here to help you copy protected DVD to Leef iBridge for iPad/iPhone streaming. Comparing to other DVD Rippers, this DVD ripping software can Continue reading

Copy Blu-ray to Leef iAccess iOS Microsd for iPad Streaming

iOS has come a long way over ten generations, but Apple still has yet to address one very large elephant in the room: Expandable storage. When people want to transfer some movies to iPad for watching, the limited storage is realy a headache. So iPad owners are the first to seek solutions to make them expend iPad storage. Fortunately, they got it – Leef iAccess iOS Microsd. Leef iAccess iOS Microsd is a tiny dongle that plugs into the Lightning port of an iPad. At the base of the white plastic unit is a slot for a microSD card (sold separately), which can be inserted or removed with a thumbnail. The Continue reading

Put DVD Movies to LaCie Fuel 1TB Wireless for iPad/iPhone

The iPhone and iPad have no USB or SD ports, meaning there’s no way of transferring too many movies on them to view. This is where LaCie Fuel 1TB Wireless comes in. This excellent external Wi-Fi drives and Lightning-enabled flash storage devices can make you enjoy movies on it wirelessly on iPad & iPhone. It huge storage space also can store some DVD movies for iPad and iPhone streaming. The Fuel has a USB 3.0 port that allows it to be used as a conventional hard drive and it also has built-in wifi too, which will allow you to transfer DVD movies to or from an iPhone or iPad when you need to. Then you don’t Continue reading

Rip Blu-ray to Samsung Wireless Mobile Media Streaming Device for Android Tablet

 The Samsung Wireless is the best mobile device for media streaming and data backup, but only Android users need apply. It has excellent support for every popular media format and works very well as a mobile media streaming server, a bus-powered portable drive, or a juice pack. Backing up your Blu-ray to Samsung Wireless Mobile Media Streaming Device in Android supported format can make you watch Blu-ray movies on Android devices on the go. Here we devote to teach you how to convert Blu-ray to Android playable format so that you can play Blu-ray movies on your Samsung Galaxy Note 7, Galaxy TabPro, Galaxy S3 tablet, etc via Samsung Wireless Continue reading

Copy DVD to Samsung Galaxy J Max 7-Inch Tablet Phone

A new Samsung smartphone has been leaked online. The leak, which comes courtesy of the usually reliable tipster @evleaks, reveals that the device in question is a Galaxy J series phone, and unlike other handsets in the series, it’s called the J MAX. Galaxy J Max has 7-inches display like a small tablet. Unfortunately, it comes with lower resolution at 800 x 1280 pixels. But it is enough to view DVD movies on Galaxy J Max 7. Putting some popular DVD movies like Disney DVD movies into Samsung Galaxy J Max 7-Inch Tablet Phone can make you watch DVD movies on a wide screen like on a tablet but you still can Continue reading