Hot News: ASUS trots out the world’s first portable monitor with a USB Type-C port

When the new 12-inch MacBook hit the market with only a single port, the design move raised some eyebrows in the tech industry. The USB Type-C port promises to be a flexible jack that lets users append an array of adapters to it, effectively transforming it into any kind of port that you might possibly need Today, ASUS revealed a portable monitor with a USB Type-C port: the first of its kind on the market.

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The MB169C+ is the follow-up to ASUS’s USB 3.0 MB168B+, but the 15.6-inch screen brings the USB Type-C port to the table. This new USB variant is thought by some to be the end-all, beat-all solution to the diverse range of cables currently required to heft data hither and yon. Type-C USB ports have been seen on devices like Google’s Pixel Chromebook, but we’ve yet to see it implemented on monitors. If this truly is the port of the future, then ASUS is making a wise move here.

We’re not sure how much these IPS monitors will be going for, but we’re expecting the price tag to fall somewhere between $200 and $300. Sound like something you’d be willing to pay for a 15.6-inch monitor? And while we’re at it, what are your thoughts regarding the USB Type-C port? Is it a keystone of a power/data transfer revolution, or just an excuse to charge consumers for a slew of adapters? Let us know in the comments below!


If you want to watch movies on ASUS via the USB Type-C port, you can store your movies to a external hard drive with a 3.0 port. For Blu-ray/DVD discs, you can choose to convert Blu-ray/DVD to the external hard drive with a Blu-ray/DVD Ripper.

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