How to sync iTunes music to BlackBerry Z10, Q10 etc.?

Want to experience the The latest android smartphone? How to sync iTunes music to your BlackBerry Z10 phones? iTunes is the most widely used music download service in the United States. Many millions of people have music they’ve purchased from iTunes. Is that possible to play iTunes music on BlackBerry Z10/Q10 samrtphones?

sync iTunes music to BlackBerry Z10, Q10 Short answer: Yes

How to sync songs from iTunes to my BlackBerry Z10?

“I have an BlackBerry Z10 and I’ve purchased some music from iTunes. Is there a way I can listen to these songs on my Z10? thanks.” You got your new BlackBerry Z10 SmartPhone. You may want to sync all your sonys collection to your new Z10 phone. Your music might be in iTunes or iPhone/iPod etc. If you are transferring your music for the first time to your Z10 and you have lot of audio songs, You may want to transfer the songs using USB cable. If you use transfer all your playlists and songs wirelessly using WiFi, It may take lot of time.

Method One: How to transfer iTunes music to BlackBerry Z10 using USB cable?

1. Make sure you have all your music is in iTunes. Add any other songs you want to transfer to your Z10 to iTunes. 2. Download & Install BlackBerry Link on your Windows computer like Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7 or Mac. 3. Make sure to select iTunes as music source while setting up BlackBerry Link. 4. Connect your new BlackBerry Phone like Z10, Q10 to computer using USB cable. 5. In the BlackBerry Link Program, Go to Music & drag and drop music from Desktop Tab to BlackBerry Tab.

Thats it. You have your iTunes music or mp3 songs transferred to your BlackBerry Z10. Method Two: How to sync iTunes music to BlackBerry Z10 wirelessly via WiFi As you buy songs from iTunes Store or add songs to iTunes, You want to keep your BlackBerry music in sync with iTunes music. Android has popular sync app doubleTiwst for syncing iTunes music. iTunes Sync: iTunes Sync is BlackBerry app. You can download it BlackBerry App Store. It costs $2.99. You can sync iTunes music wirelessly to your phone without using any USB cable etc. Your music will be always in sync with iTunes on your computer. Tips: If you want to remove DRM protection from iTunes movies for watching freely, try Pavtube ChewTune and below are software bundles:

These methods work for BlackBerry PlayBook tablet too. Ger Free Games for BlackBerry for getting more fun.

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