How to transfer DVD Movies to Nabi-2 Kids Tablet

The Nabi 2 is the successor to Fuhu’s popular Nabi tablet. While the Nabi 2 is child-oriented, Fuhu decided to up the specs considerably, and performance-wise it is on-par with Google’s own Nexus 7 tablet. It has a 7″ capacitive screen with 1024×600 resolution. The Leap Pad Explorer 2 features a 5″ resistive screen with 480×272 resolution. transfer DVD Movies to Nabi-2 Kids Tablet


  • Very robustly designed.
  • Powerful enough to compare well with adult tablets.
  • Compatible with both Mac and PC.
  • Decent battery life.
  • Educational.


  • A little on the expensive side for a child’s toy.
  • The Nabi Cloud ( past 2GB), Spinlets+ TV and other services cost money, and are subscription based. There’s also other opportunities for recurring costs, such as purchasing coins to reward to your children in exchange or completing chores. Some parents will like the idea of this, but other parents may not like the idea of being compelled to keep spending and regard them as an expensive gimmick. It has to be said though that they are all optional.

Some parents download or purchase the video contents through online store for Nabi tablet, while others choose to upload their own videos. If you’ve got lost of DVD discs for your kids and want to transfer these DVD movies to Nabi Tablet so that your kids can enjoy the movies on-the-go, you’ll find a solution here. In this article, I’ll show you how to easily convert DVD movies to Nabi 2 Tablet playable videos for your children. As I know, Nabi 2 Tablet is an Android tablet. Like other Android tablets, it doesn’t have a DVD drive to play DVD movies. To make DVD playable on Nabi 2 Tablet, you need to convert DVD to Nabi 2 Kids Tablet compatible video formats with a DVD ripping tool. Here Pavtube DVDAid (Windows 8.1 compatible), an intuitive DVD to Nabi 2 Converter, is highly recommended to help your finish your task in a few clicks. It’ll automatically remove DVD copy protection and even allows you to edit your DVD before conversion. If you’re using a Mac, please turn to Mac DVD to Nabi 2 Converter, which lets you rip DVD movies for Nabi 2 Tablet on Mac (including Lion and Mountain Lion 10.8). Download the program and follow the steps below to rip and transfer DVD movies (Disney etc.) for play on Nabi 2 Tablet for your kids.

  • Part One. How to covnert DVD movies to Nabi 2/Nabi original supported MP4?
  • Part Two. How to transfer videos to Nabi 2/Nabi Kids Tablet for playback?

Hot Search: DVD to Media Server | DVD to PC | DVD to 3D MP4 | DVD to M3U8 

Part One. How to covnert DVD movies to Nabi 2/Nabi original supported MP4?

1. Get a DVD ripper app that deals with purchased/protected DVDs. I tried several different rippers and find the Pavtube exports quality video with reasonable size. The app is available for Windows and Mac: 2. Insert a DVD to the computer optical drive (DVD-ROM). 3. Run the DVD Ripper for Nabi 2, press the “disc” icon to import movie from DVD-ROM. If you have DVD digital backup saved as ISO or VIDEO_TS folder, you can also drag it to the app for conversion. DVD Ripper for Nabi 2 4. Pavtube DVD to Nabi 2 Converter filters out trailers and extras, but sometimes special features are long enough to pass through. Make sure only the main movie (usually the longest one) is checked in the item list. 5. Select the main movie and set desired subtitles at the below of item list, if necessary. 6. Select output format. Click on “Format” boarder, here I suggest you choose Common Video >> H.264 Video(*.mp4). This profile is specially designed for Nook color, but still suitable for the Nabi 2 Tablet. Nabi 2 Video Format Note: Click on “Settings” you could easily set bitrate, frame rate, codec, channels, sample rate, etc to adjust parameters that affect video quality and file size for the video you prefer. After that, you can click on “Save as” to rename the profile, such as “Nabi Tablet (*.mp4)”. Next time, you can easily find it in “Custom” category. 7. Press on the big “Convert” button and the DVD to Nabi 2 Converter will start converting Disney DVD movies to MP4 H.264 format, which plays just fine on the Nabi 2 kid tablet. 8. When the DVD to MP4 conversion completes, press “Open” to located generated MP4 movie.

Part Two. How to transfer videos to Nabi 2/Nabi Kids Tablet for playback?

How do I transfer videos between Nabi 2/Nabi and my Windows PC with a Micro USB cable? To transfer files between Nabi 2/Nabi and your Windows? PC, using a Micro USB cable, please follow these steps: 1. Plug the Micro USB cable from your computer to Nabi 2/Nabi. 2. A dialog box should appear asking you what you want to do with the new hardware. Select Open Device to View Files. If the box does not show up, you can go to Start Menu > My Computer and double click Removable Disk “No Name.” 3. Next, look for a “Music,” “Movies” or “Photos” folder, or create your own to organize the files you are saving on Nabi 2/Nabi. Select the files you would like to transfer from your computer by dragging and dropping them into the folder. 4. Once all files have been transferred, safely remove your device: Click Safely Remove Hardware on the bottom right side of your computer screen, then click USB Mass Storage > Stop. 5. Open the files by going to the Gallery app on your Nabi 2/Nabi Tablet. Now, start converting and transferring DVD movies to Nabi 2 for your Kids watching on Windows or Mac. Enjoy Every Day! More useful info:


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