How to transcode or convert MKV DTS sound to AAC/AC3 with 5.1 channels?

Hi all, I will be divided into three parts to write the article:

  • Part One: How to transcode and convert MKV with DTS sound to AC3 with 5.1 channel sound?
  • Part Two: How to play MKV DTS sound on your TV?
  • Part Third: Why VLC can’t play MKV DTS audio?

convert MKV DTS sound to AAC/AC3

Part One: How to transcode and convert MKV with DTS sound to AC3 with 5.1 channel sound?

Through the google search found that many users don’t know “how to convert MKV DTS to AAC or AC3 5.1 surround sound”, each question will find many part-time personnel to provide solutions, but the answers are not satisfied or complex steps. For beginners, a simple method is necessary and appropriate. Such as:

Question 1: MKV – DTS to AC3 nightmare Hi all! new to this site and i hope someone can help me… ok my TV plays MKV formats via usb, but it wont do the whole DTS audio so i need to convert the audio to AC3… problem is I’ve tried everything and im super lost here – for some reason i cant install that pocorn program because i have vista 64… anyways i;m really lost and if someone could let me know the easited way to convert the MKV file i already have to MKV AC3 i will be great full … im new at this so please help!!! Ive got all these great movies and i cant hear them….

Question 2: Anyway to convert MKV DTS to AC3 5.1 surround sound? Yes, I have been wondering and searching the net and there doesn’t seem to be a confirmed answer on whether it is possible to convert DTS to AC3 5.1 surround sound? I have done DTS to AC3 2 channel a ton of times. Would be nice to be able to get 5.1 sound out of my sound system. Thanks.

Question 3: Convert MKV DTS to AC3 ? Are there any one click solutions for converting MKV DTS to AC3 that doesn’t install junk on the PC such as toolbars and maleware?

Question 4: Convert MKV with DTS sound to MP4 video with AAC or AC3 audio I’ve got a 4.3 GB 720p movie and want to convert this MKV with DTS sound to MP4 video with AAC or AC3 audio. I sometimes got “ffmpeg: unrecognized option ‘-c:v'” and “aac unrecognized” and other stuff. I want this movie to have small size like those found on torrent sites. After too long time consumed to understand the problem I finally solve it. For the above problems, i have spend the entire weekend trying to convert a mkv file with a DTS audio track to an AC3 audio track. So I understand why many people think MKV DTS to AC3 is a nightmare, however, it’s not so terrible any more, you only need a professional DTS from MKV to AC3, set output audio channel option to 5.1. Now, I will write a small article on it on my blog with easy steps. I used applications like Pavtube MKV Converter, MKV DTS to AC3 Converter, FFmpeg etc. Finally, i chose bought MKV Converter, because its steps is very simple for beginners, the price is only $29. Which allows to you convert any types of MKV files like MKV DTS, MKV FLAC to AC3, AAC with 5.1 channels, and still keep its good quality. In addition, it also is video editor which can easily merge videos/audios into one, trim, crop, and adjust video/audio effect for you to get the optimized videos/audios. Write so much, i just hope i can save someone’s weekend with this. Following, I will introduce how this software works: First you need to free download Pavtube Video Converter (For Windows) or Video Converter for Mac (For Mac), install and run it.

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Step 1. Add the MKV DTS files into this program.

Once you run it, this intuitive interface will pops up, from here you click “Add Video” button to load MKV files to this program. Double-click on an MKV file if you’d like to preview it or take some pretty snapshots convert MKV DTS files

Step 2. Set the output audio as AC3 with 5.1 channels.

Click “Format > HD Video > MKV HD Video(*.mkv)” as output codec for ttanscoding MKV DTS to MKV AC3 or AAC with 5.1 channels. HD MKV format Settings – Then you can press “Settings” to select video codec (h.264) and audio codec (AC3), audio channels (5.1). See as follow: From the two pictures, we can get that Pavtube MKV DTS to AC3 Converter can support the selection of various video or audio tracks. It means you can choose any one of the tracks/channels/streams in your MKV file, including video, audio and subtitle you like to export. Compared with other such video converters, you can find that none of them could support this function. (If you only want the audio, no video, please select Common Audio (*ac3) as output format.)

Step 3. Click “Convert” button to encode MKV DTS to MKV AC3/AAC with 5.1 channels

Before this, make sure you have set the correct path for the exporting. Just so easy the conversion is. Quickly you will get your converted AC3 files with 5.1 channels and the audio/video synch correctly and perfectly. Then, you could put and play them on your PS3, Xbox 360 or Popcorn Hour etc. Tips: The program provides users with “Shut down computer after conversion” option to avoid you waiting around for the entire conversion process.

Part Two: How to play MKV DTS sound on your HD TV, Apple TV, or WD TV?

“Will DTS sound work through the HDMI cable? I am playing a 1080p MKV file. I get perfect picture quality but absolutely no sound comes out of the Apple TV. I made sure and enabled sound through the HDMI in the settings. Is there any other setting I need to use to play sound through the Apple TV?” — from Forum Because TV (including HD TV, Apple TV or WD TV, etc) does not have a DTS audio decoder, if you need play sound on the TV, you should convert the MKV DTS audio to AC3 – as above- using a MKV DTS to AC3 Converter to convert MKV DTS sound to AC3 for playing on TV.

Part Third: Why VLC can’t play MKV DTS audio?

Each program has its own codecs, VLC Media Player is very powerful for playing almost all video or audio formats, also including MKV DTS file. But it still has some codecs not be installed, including DTS codec. So you also need a good MKV DTS to AC3 Converter. Do you already know the answers about converting MKV DTS to AC3 and do you know how to deal with it now? Hope this article just gives you the right information and let you quickly finish the conversion of MKV DTS to AC3 and still keep its 5.1 channel. PS: Versions for Windows and Mac are totally the same. You can get them through different links. If you are play MKV DTS videos on popular tablet, like Google Nexus 10, Nexus 7, Microsoft Surface RT/Pro, iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad Mini, Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note 2, etc., you can reference the guide “Convert MKV DTS to Galaxy Note 10.1 for playbackPavtube Video Converter Expansion:

  • Convert MKV files and other videos for playback on iPad, Xoom, Galaxy Tab, TouchPad, etc.
  • Free to select wanted subs/audio/video track to be kept in the output files.
  • Select certain chapters in a source file to convert at will.
  • Trim certain clips to convert without having to convert the entire file.
  • Up to 6X faster conversion speed – Support NVIDIA CUDA and ATI Stream (AMD APP) acceleration technologies.
  • Support VFW codec encoding and 5.1 channel output.
  • Guarantee audio and video in sync
  • Add text, image, and video watermark
  • Merge files and crop videos
  • Split selected video file
  • Capture thumbnails
  • Shut down computer after conversion

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