Tips and Tricks for Google Nexus 7 Tablet

The Nexus 7 tablet made by Google is one of the most promising tablets and recently was included in the list of devices with Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean update. The device has good specifications and performance with an affordable price. Google Nexus 7 has its own tricks and tweaks to make the best out of it, and it can be rooted and unlocked. Nexus 7

Basic Tricks

1. Use the Nexus 7 Guidebook for it contains useful information about the device. 2. Screen orientation is locked in portrait mode. You can switch it by pulling down the notifications menu. Home screen does not support landscape mode unless it is running a custom ROM. 3. Activate the Lock Screen to increase security of the Nexus 7 by including password or pattern. 4. Adjust Font Size by going to Settings > Display > Font Size. 5. Live wallpapers and static images are all possible with the large display of Nexus 7. But be aware that live wallpapers consume more battery power of the device.

Tips for Nexus 7 Tablet

1. Unlock the Landscape mode of Nexus 7 by installing third-party launcher such as Nova Launcher, get the Ultimate Rotation control app or Rotation Locker, or simply root the tablet for more control. 2. Amazon Appstore is something that Nexus 7 can advantage from especially with the Amazon’s free daily paid app. 3. The PDF reading application is a common need for tablet computers, and there are many of them found in Google Play Store paid or free. 4. If you like reading, go with eReading Apps such as Kindle, Nook, Kobo or Aldiko. 5. Go around locked to video chat only front-facing camera of Nexus 7 by downloading Camera Launcher for Nexus 7. It allows you to take pictures using the front-camera shooter. 6. No SD card? No problem with cloud storage. You can sync documents and other files with nearly 20GB of free cloud storage space from Google, Amazon or Dropbox. 7. Nexus 7 comes with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, but too bad, the version does not support flash officially. One way is to install older versions of flash and get it to work properly. Another way is to use the Puffin Web Browser which supports flash. 8. Nexus 7 tablet support external keyboards, mice and game controllers but mostly requires a micro USB adapter. Mounting of external memory cards and thumb drives is not possible unless it is rooted with StickMount app.

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Battery Saving

1. Reduce the screen brightness and minimise the screen off timeout to save more battery. 2. Deactivate Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS if not in use. 3. Monitor applications which consume huge amounts of battery. You can install apps which manages this such as GSam Battery Monitor. 4. Clear active applications if you are done using the device to save not only battery but also memory. 5. Restart Nexus 7 at least once a day to free the memory load.

Hacks and Mods for Nexus 7

If you want to go advance in controlling the tablet, Google Nexus 7 Toolkit will give that ultimate power. The toolkit supports both Wi-Fi only 8GB/16GB/32GB and GSM/HSPA+ 32GB models with following features:

  • Install correct adb drivers on Windows XP/Vista/7
  • Backup and restore of apps, user data, and internal storage
  • Creates a virtual SD card to backup media on your computer
  • Unlock/Re-lock Bootloader
  • 1-Click for All to Unlock and Root
  • ClockworkMod recovery for backup and restoring ROMs

Here is the link of the Google Nexus 7 Toolkit with full details and how to use it. All solution for Nexus 7: Nexus 7 video playback Nexus 7 file transfer Nexus 7 flash player

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