How to Permanently Save rented Redbox DVDs on Tablet, Server, HDD, Computer

Part of movie lovers prefer to rent DVD movies with a cheap price rather than purchase the fragile DVD discs. Redbox, featuring automated retail kiosks in red for DVDs, Blu-rays and video games rental, drives consumers to get wanted DVD movies in a pretty convenient way. However, the rental period limitation and high maximum charge become the biggest troubles. To handle the problems, some people want to save their rented DVD movies to hard drive, tablet, HDD, computer, server permanently:

“How can I copy a rented DVD with copyrights to my computer or external drive? I want to make copies from Redbox, Blockbuster etc.”- from

Rip Redbox DVD

Rented Redbox DVD has complex copy protection so if you want to save the DVD to hard drive, external hard disc, media server, Seagate Wireless Plus, etc anywhere you can save your rented DVD backups,you need a DVD Ripper to remove DVD copy protection.

Pavtube BDMagic is able to get rid of the tricky DVD copy protections, such as RCE, CSS encryption, Sony ARccOS DVD protection, Disney New DVD Copy Protection, APS, UOP, etc while making a 1:1 copy of rental Redbox DVD at fast speed.

The DVD copy software provides 3 DVD backup modes, all at your fingertips to copy protected DVDs that you rent from Redbox, Amazon, etc. You can choose to backup main title or full title content of DVD you borrow from online DVD rental service or store Rented RedBox DVDs in MPEG-2, MP4, H.265, MKV format.

Free download and install:


Pavtube ByteCopy for Windows/Mac can rip rented Redbox to lossless MKV with chapter markers and all subtitle/audio tracks and copy DVD to MP4/MOV/AVI with multi-track subtitle and audio.

How to Permanently Save rented Redbox DVDs on Tablet, Server, HDD, Computer

Step 1. Import RedBox movies

Insert your RedBox rented DVD into your computer’s hard disk and launch this RedBox DVD rentals converter. Then load the DVD by clicking the button on top left corner.

Step 2. Choose output format

Click “Format” bar and select one of the formats you like. Or select a format depending on which device you want to watch the movie in.

There are two options: “Copy the entire disc” and “Directly Copy”. “Copy the entire disc” means copy the whole content of disc with the same structure with the original disc. “Directly Copy” means copy the selected movie title.

Step 3. Rip and copy RedBox DVD rentals to computer

Just click “Convert”button, after a while, it will finish the conversion from RedBox DVD to your computer. Now it means you can own the movie forever. Try to connect your computer to your TV or other devices now and enjoy at anytime!

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