How to Put/Move/Transfer DVD movies to Coby Kyros Tablet

Coby Kyros Review from CNET

The good: The Coby Kyros tablet delivers Android 2.2 at an attractive price, along with HDMI output, microSD memory expansion, and a front-facing camera.

The bad: The screen quality and touch responsiveness are awful; battery life is poor; the design is bulky; there’s no Adobe Flash support; and Google’s suite of mobile apps isn’t included.

The bottom line: The Coby Kyros tablet offers a large screen for relatively little money, but it’s a bad proposition at any price.

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Transfer DVD movies to Coby Kyros Tablet

The following is about Coby Kyros problems from

Problem 1: Loading movie files onto Kyros

“Leaning more and more towards picking up the Kyros 7015. Quick question. If I am ripping movies from DVD’s on my PC, to load them on the Kyros would I have to put them on the SD card and then pull them up on there or would I connect it to my PC via USB and load the movie file to the Kyros that way?”

Answer: – This answer is user recommended:

The one I will be using is Pavtube DVDAid. You can rip the DVD to different file formats. Our IT manager has this program and ripped a few and loaded them to a Samsung Galaxy Tab.

I was thinking the card reader would probably be the fastest way to go. Being able to play movie files on the Kryos is probably the most important part of my purchasing decision.


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Problem 2: Which format to choose for converting DVD to Kyros?

“I have downloaded a few DVD rippers but am not sure what format to convert to so as to ensure the converted video plays on my Kyros MID7012… Thanks for any and all help”

Answer: In fact Coby Kyros Tablets support many various and cool formats. Coby’s site says their device plays the following formats: AVI, 3GP, MP4, MPG, RM, RMVB, MOV, FLV and WMV/MKV (1080p). So all you need is to convert DVD to one of those supported file type.

The best format for Kyros to play? H.264 .mp4. The format work on all Android tablets and iPad as well. So the best solution is converting DVDs to H.264 MP4 video. And the H.264 codec gives higher compression quality at lower bitrate – meaning you get better quality at a smaller file size.

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Problem 3: Movie file sizes to use with the Kyros?

I have been using Pavtube DVDAid to rip movies to watch on my Kyros. I have been ripping them into MP4. Most of the movies are 1GB to 1.5GB. As you can guess, with this file size you can’t get too many on a memory card. Anyone know of a better file format to rip movies to that take up less room but still have decent picture quality?

Sorry if this is a “newbie” question. I am kind of new to ripping dvd’s.

Answer: The Pavtube DVDAid allows users to set conversion bitrate, which is related to output file size and quality. The lower part displays the file information. File size depends on the bitrate you use. By setting higher video bitrate the video quality and file size get increased.

To set video bitrate, select a preset in advance (“Coby Kyros Video(*.mp4)” recommended) and clikc on “Settings” button. The pop-up Profile Settings window shows you a/v settings you’re using.

Coby Kyros video settings

Here’s an example. When I set bitrate to 2500kbps, the estimated target file size for “Avatar” is 2.95GB. If I set video bitrate to 2000kbps, the final file will be 2.37GB in size. If I want smaller file size, I can still set video bit rate down.

Tip: Note that when you lower file size, you lower video quality. We find the best balance between 1000kbps to 2500kpbs on 7-inch screen.

To maximum the use of /take advantage of your screen, you may set the video size exactly as the display resolution (e.g. for 800×480 for Kyros MID7012 and 1280 x 800 for MID1045).

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Now, Let’s start the simple steps for beginners on Coby Kyros Tablets

Here’s a short guide for converting DVD to Copy Kyros tablet using Pavtube DVDAid, a fast and easy-to-use DVD to Copy Kyros tablet ripping tool. First free download the app:

free download on windows     free download on mac

PS. Pavtube DVDAid takes full advantage of NVIDIA’s CUDA technology and ATI Stream (AMD APP) technology to largely accelerate conversion speed – Up to 6X faster conversion speed.

Step 1. After download the program, install and run the Pavtube DVD to Copy Kyros Converter. Click “Load Disc” icon to load DVD from optical drive. If you want to load DVD ISO file to the software, press “ISO/IFO” icon instead.

DVD to Copy Kyros Converter

Step 2. Select the main movie and then set desired audio& subtitles language. (Optional)

Step 3: Click on “Format” bar, select Coby Kyros tablet optimized format from the drop-down profile list. Find the “Coby Kyros Video(*.mp4)” preset under “Android” group. The output videos could fit on your Kyros perfectly.

Coby Kyros tablet optimized format

Note: “Profile Settings” can reference the solution of the third question “Problem 3: Movie file sizes to use with the Kyros?“.

Step 4: Press the big “Convert button” to start ripping DVD to Coby Kyros tablet playable videos. After the ripping, you can click “Open” to locate the converted MP4 video files and just transfer them to your Coby Kyros MID7012 or MID7015 tablet. Enjoy!

Step 5. After conversion process completes, press “Open” to find converted DVD movie.

If you have no idea about Coby Kyros tablet video files transfer, just check out the YouTube Video Tutorial: How to transfer video files to Coby Kyros tablet?

Product knowledge supplement for all Tablets/Phones User about “How to save your preference for future use?:

One thing good in Pavtube DVDAid is that you can create new preset for use. For instance, I’ve decided the best settings work for converting videos to play on the 10.1-inch Kyros MID1045, and wanna save it for future use, now all I need is save it as a custom preset. This is easy. Just proceed as follows.

1. In the settings window, press “Save As” button.

2. Give the custom preset a name, say “Kyros MID1045 Video 1280* 800(*.mp4)”.

3. Click “OK”.

save profile

The next time you open up the DVD ripper for converting movies to Kyros MID1045, just press on “Format” bar and find the new preset under “Custom” group.

Kyros MID1045 video format

All these features are also available in Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate and BDMagic, the former converts Blu-ray, DVD, TiVo, M2TS, MOD, TOD, MOV, MTS and many other video formats to your desired format, while the latter lets you rip both Blu-ray and DVD to play on Coby Kyros and various other Android tablets.

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