Convert DVD (TV Series) to iPad Air and iPad Air 2 for Playback at Will

Apple has officially taken the covers off the iPad Air 2, its latest flagship tablet sporting that familiar 9.7-inch display. You’ll be able to pre-order the iPad Air 2 from October 17, with an iPad Air 2 release date set for the ‘end of next week.’ The iPad Air 2 screen retains the same 2048 x 1536 resolution as before but comes with a new anti-reflective coating that according to Apple reduces reflections up to 56%.

play DVD TV series on iPad Air iPad Air 2

As you see, both iPad Air 2 and iPad Air have a good performance on displaying. If you have a bunch of TV Series stored on DVD or some other commercial DVD movies, you must want to play it not only on your computer and DVD player, but iPad Air 2 and iPad Air. Well, if you agree, let’s take a look at how to convert DVD (TV Series) to iPad Air and iPad Air 2.

Without exception, whether the old or new iPad Air, has not been spared from the incapability of playing DVD directly. But don’t worry, please just take it easy. With a DVD converting tool, convert DVD (TV Series) to iPad Air and iPad Air 2 can’t be more easier. Discovered the best DVD Rippers on several websites, I have tried a lot, like Handbrake and Freemake, but neither with success as they can’t rip protected DVDs. At last, I find Pavtube DVDAid which is high-rated as the best and simplest ripping software.

With it, you can rip DVD movies to iPad Air and iPad Air 2 supported video format like H.264 with high image quality. You may think that the software only with such function is not enough to be worth of recommendation. Certainly it is not enough. It can easily convert DVD TV Series(e.g., Yes Minister, West Wing, All Creatures Great and Smal) and even Frozen with Disney new copy protection at superfast speed. Therefore, you can play any DVD movies on iPad Air and iPad Air 2 anytime as you want. Follow these steps with ease.

Step 1. Run this Top DVD Ripper, as the DVD Converter for iPad Air/iPad Air 2. Click “Load Disc” to load your DVD TV series into it.

Pavtube DVDAid will detect and list the main title (the full length of this movie) and check it by default. So just keep it untouched and let’s move on to Step 2.
DVD Converter for iPad Air/iPad Air 2
Step 2. Select iPad Air/iPad Air 2 compatible format.

Here we select MP4 with H.264 codec for iPad Air/iPad Air 2. Click the Format drop-down list, and select “iPad Air Full HD Video(*.mp4)” from “iPad” category.
iPad Air/iPad Air 2 video format
Tips: Customize video specs. (Optional)

Click “Settings” to free choose output video size, bitrate, frame rate and other specs. Remember the file size and video quality is based more on bitrate than resolution which means bitrate higher results in big file size, and lower visible quality loss.

Step 3. Start the DVD to iPad Air/iPad Air 2 conversion.

When everything is OK, just press the “Convert” button to start the DVD TV series to iPad Air/iPad Air 2 conversion. It will not take much time. Just wait for the conversion process to get done. After the conversion, you can click “Open output folder” to quick locate the converted video effortlessly.

Now, you can copy DVD (TV Series) to iPad Air and iPad Air 2 with full screen playback in HD quality.

If you are mac users, learn how to convert DVD to iPad Air/iPad Air 2 on Mac with Subtitles/Closed Captioning.


If you wanna to directly Copy only DVD main movie and leave out extras

Click “Format” bar, choose “Copy” > “Directly Copy” from the Format menu to copy the . vob files only which contains the DVD main movie. After that, do remember clicking “Convert” button to do Movie-only copy. When the copying work is done, you are able to click “Open” button to get the output .vob files without any other extra contents.
Directly Copy
And to play Backed up DVD movies, VLC Media Player (freeware) is one of the universal players that support DVD menu (DVD navigation) and video streaming to lots of other devices. It is available for both Windows and Mac.

You can also convert DVD to iPad Mini 2 on Windows PC and rip Blu-ray/DVD to Apple TV on Mac. In addition, get the best iOS Video Player for your iPad.

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