How to Import photos, videos, music to your new Windows RT or Windows Tablet

You got new Windows tablet like Microsoft Surface, Asus VivoTab RT etc. First thing you may want to do it so import photos, videos, music to your new Windows RT or Windows Tablet.
transfer Media to Windows tablet

One of the advantages with Windows tablets is you get USB Port, microSD Port. Transferring files or media is same as transferring on to new laptop or computer.

How to Import Photos or Videos from Camera/Android or Windows Phone

1. Connect your camera, android phone to your new Windows tablet using the USB cable you got with your camera or android phone. You can also use microSD card.

2. Open Photos app on your Windows tablet like Surface. Swipe from top or bottom of the screen to get to the Menu. If you are using mouse, you can right click on the photos app to get Menu

3. Tap Import option to import photos or videos from your Camera or android phone or windows phone.

Thats it. You should see photos in your Picture Library. You can also add photos or videos to your Pictures Library or Videos Library in the Windows Explorer.

How to Import Photos or Videos from Old Computer via USB Flash Drive

1. If You want to transfer Photos or Videos from another computer or laptop, You need to transfer them to a USB flash drive or microSD card first.

2. Copy the photos or videos to your Photos Library or Videos Library using Windows Explorer. You will see them in the Photos app.

How to transfer Music or documents to Windows tablet

1. If you have music on your old computer, You have to copy the songs or files like documents to your USB Flash Drive first. Connect USB drive or external hard disk to Windows tablet and copy the files or songs manually.

2. If you have songs on your android or windows phone, you can connect your phone to Windows tablet using USB cable and transfer the songs manually using Windows explorer.

Windows Store does not seem to have any apps like iTunes Remote or iTunes sync yet.

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