Play HD MKV movie on Nexus 7 with subtitles and in full screen – How to avoid stuttering

Maybe you have tried to download MKV to your Nexus 7 tablet for playback directly, but you encountered some video playback problems just like the following users said: Q1. “I’ve got both my movie and music library all synced to Nexus 7 and plan to go father-son camping with the movies. Music streams flawlessly, as do AVI movies. However, when trying to stream MKV files the video is incredibly choppy, and I lose subtitles. My WiFi connection is strong as I’m attempting to get everything setup while I’m sitting right here next to the router. I’m not sure what the problem could be. Anyone have any insight into playing MKV files on the Nexus 7?” Q2. “Ahem…No way to transfer my MKV files over USB??? I tried to transfer my MKV files to my nexus 7 which is 100% stock and every time I drag and drop the MKV files over (Doesn’t matter if I drag and drop 1 or 50) Windows explorer crashes. Anyone found a way to fix it from doing this…?” Q3. “I like to be able to watch anime on my N7 and torrent movies. What’s the best video player for our N7 tablet? Here are the compatible codecs of Tegra 3. What other problems you’ve got with these codecs and players, list them below.”

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Nexus 7 bears an IPS HD display with 1200*800 in resolution and 216 in ppi. A very sweet HD Video Player. Then, you may wonder is this beautiful handset powerful enough to play all the videos? Um…that’s might be a question, but, there is an all-inclusive video converter software called Nexus 7 Video Converter. It can help you convert all your videos to Nexus 7 compatible videos. Note: If you’re losing subtitles when playing MKV on Google Nexus 7, or get stutter playback with 720p/1080p MKVs, the best solutions is to encode MKV to Nexus 7 optimized MP4 video using MKV Converter, which is capable of hard-coding the MKV subtitles while preserving best possible video quality on the Google Nexus 7tablet. Here’s a guide for your reference: compressing MKV to Nexus 7 optimized video with hard subtitles. Step 1. Drag and drop MKV file to the professional MKV to Nexus 7 Converter. The software supports batch conversion, and you may add multiple MKVs at a time. convert mkv to nexus 7 with subtitles Step 2. Select MKV in file list and then set desired audio& subtitles language in drop-down boxes. Step 3. Select Nexus 7 template as output format. Click on the “Format” bar and t choose “Android”-> “Google Nexus 7 H.264 Video(*.mp4) from the drop-down profile list. nexus 7 format Step 4. Press the big Convert button to start converting MKV to Nexus 7 optimized video with subtitles on the screen. With CUDA and AMD APP support, the MKV Converter now encodes MKV to MP4 much faster than its competitors. And it auto adjust videos to play a full screen on Google Nexus 7. Tip: Advanced Settings for MKV to Nexus 7 video conversion In case that the default Nexus 7 presets don’t work for your needs, you may click “Settings” to set video bitrate, file size, frame rate, audio channel, sampling rate, bitrate, etc. To keep original quality, set video and audio bitrate to “original”. Refer to Nexus 7 supported video types if you have no idea of the quality. Here you can also preview the file size before conversion starts. nexus 7 video settings After the conversion process shows in 100%, you can get the output files for Nexus 7 from the output folder you set. How to transfer movie/video/music files to Google Nexus 7? First, connect the two devices using a USB cable to connect from USB port to anther. Secondly, after connected the cable to both devices, your PC computer will install the drivers to facilitate the connection. Thirdly, the tablet instantly is mounted as another storage device. Now you can copy media flies/document to Nexus 7 from PC freely.

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