Can’t Transfer Blu-rays on your New iPod Touch? 

Apple iPod Touch 6 is released not long ago,It is not easy to imagine that iPod Touch 6 reach to as high as 1136-by-640 resolution, but it is true Apple surely brings us a revolution for the visual impact. When large display gets aboard on iPod touch 6, outstanding advantages make iPod Touch 6 may replace HDTV to playback Blu-ray when travelling outside or on the subway home. OK, now it’s time to learn how to transfer Blu-ray movie into iPod Touch 6.  Hot Search: HD Videos on iPod Touch 6 | FLAC to iPod Touch 6 | Audio on Apple Watch | Blu-ray to MP3 files for iPod Touch 6 More and more people want to play Blu-ray on Continue reading Can’t Transfer Blu-rays on your New iPod Touch?