Get your iTunes DRM Movies on Nvidia Shield Tablet for Enjoyment

Nvidia Shield Tablet is a peculiar, singular gaming device. With a 5-inch high resolution (1280 x 720) retinal-quality multi-touch display, the NVIDIA’s Shield delivers amazing visuals whether playing games or watching movies. Since iTunes is not exactly Android-friendly. Fortunately, we have a great tutorial for you, guaranteed to sync iTunes with your Android device. 


As we know, iTunes purchased movies are all DRM protected. We can only watch the iTunes purchased/rental movies and TV shows on Apple devices, like iPhone, iPod, iPad and Apple TV. To enjoy the iTunes purchased/rental movies and TV shows to the Nvidia Shield Tablet, you need to remove DRM from those iTunes episodes or movies. 

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To fulfill the task, Pavtube ChewTune as the top DRM removal program and will be a right-hand man of you which aims to help you simplify the conductions and makes it possible to play iTunes DRM movie on Nvidia Shield Tablet. It can not only strip any DRM protection from DRM protected media fils like iTunes movies, Digital Copy and Amazon Instant video, but also enables convert iTunes M4V video to a range of playable video format for Nvidia Shield Tablet. Here is an tutorial on how to convert purchased or rented iTunes movies/TV shows to Nvidia Shield Tablet. 

| (here for Mac OS X 10.5) 

Legally remove DRM from iTunes for watching on Nvidia Shield Tablet 

Step 1: Import iTunes files 

After you download and install ChewTune, open it. As you can see, you can add files by clicking the “Add…” button and browse files from your computer. Batch conversion is supported to save time, so you can add multiple files at once. 


Step 2: Choose the output video format as MP4 Nvidia Shield Tablet supports a large number of video formats, including H.263, H.264 AVC, MPEG-4, VP8, etc. Simply click “Common Video” from format bar and select a video format from the list as the export file format. MP4 is the most universal video format for any device. 

For more information about video and audio compatible with Android, refer to the article here

If necessary, you can also click “Settings” to adjust output video parameters like size, quality, etc. You can set the video size to 1920*1080 to keep the full HD definition of the movie, and you can also set the bitrate from 2000k to 4000k to get a high video quality. 

Step 3. Start convert DRM-ed iTunes M4V movies to Nvidia Shield Tablet Tablet 

At last, click “Convert” to let the program begin converting iTunes protected M4V videos to Nvidia Shield Tablet supported video formats. The conversion process will take some time. 

Just wait with a little patience and click “Open” to find the converted video clips quickly. Now connect an Nvidia Shield Tablet to the PC through a USB and embark on transferring the iTunes movie files effortlessly. 

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