Backup Blu-ray to lossless MKV with chapter markers

Now Blu-ray may be the best option to you if you want to enjoy full high definition 1080p movies. However, Blu-ray drive on your computer or Blu-ray player for TV is necessary for watching Blu-ray movies. Since even every PC has DVD drive but few has Blu-ray drive. And Blu-ray carried with more copyright protection including region code, AACS, BD+, etc. All of these will put limitation to play Blu-ray at will. Sometimes you may borrow Blu-ray from friends if they have what you like, but finally you have to return it. Why not simply backup them to hard drive so that you can watch them whenever you want to and share them to more friends. Backup Blu-ray to lossless MKV In this case, ripping Blu-ray to MKV with chapter markers so as to keep a backup of your original disc is a wonderful idea for you. Anyway, how to convert Blu-ray to MKV lossless no recoding quality 1:1? Many suggestions are listed on the internet. For example, use free version of DVDFab to rip Blu-ray to hard drive and then use RipBot or Handbreak to re-encode to MKV. But some latest Blu-ray cannot be ripped properly by free version of DVDFab because it isn’t updated timely. Workflow seems so complex! Why not choose an easy and effective way.

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If you still want to keep chapter markers in output lossless MKV files for further playback, Pavtube ByteCopy is perfect for you. Easy-to-use interface and fast conversion will bring you wonderful experience of backup Blu-ray to MKV without quality loss. Best of all, it can handle the latest Blu-ray and is capable of backup Blu-ray to lossless MKV preserving all the multiple audio and subtitle tracks as well as chapter markers. In this way, you can turn to any chapter marker at will when playing in some players such as VLCPlayer. You are free to try free trial version (Pavtube ByteCopy for Mac is for Mac users). Now let me show you how to backup Blu-ray to lossless MKV with chapter markers no recoding in 3 steps. 1. Import Blu-ray to Pavtube ByteCopy. Click “Load file” icon on the top left to load the Blu-ray disc.

Multi-track Blu-ray Ripper

2. Choose Lossless MKV with chapter markers. Under “Format” menu, there are lots of video formats. Go to find “Multi-track Video” option and choose “Lossless/encoded multi-track MKV (* mkv)” because it will contain chapter markers in output MKV. Also you can convert your Blu-ray/DVD to Multi-track MP4/AVI/MOV for watching. Lossless mkv format Tips: If you want to convert Blu-ray to other video formats or portable devices, just choose the video format you need or select portable devices in the dropdown list. 3. Start conversion. Click big “Convert” button to start conversion. It won’t take much time for conversion and then you will get lossless MKV once completed. Hit “Open” button you will go to location of generated files. Learn more details about how to rip Blu-ray disc to MKV and keep chapter markers and then go to fully enjoy your favorite Blu-ray on media players or media server whenever you wanna. More features in ByteCopy:

  • Full Disc Copy can 1:1 backup the whole Blu-ray/DVD disc with original structure including chapter markers.
  • Directly Copy will backup 100% intact Blu-ray main movie with all the multiple tracks excluding menu.
  • Contain all the features of Blu-ray Ripper: rip and convert latest Blu-ray/DVD to various video formats for playback or editing, edit the video before conversion including trim, crop, effect, etc, add *sst and *ass subtitle into video part and so on.

Money Saving Software Bundles are coming and it will provide big special sale on much software bundled with ByteCopy, like ByteCopy+Video Converter Ultimate, ByteCopy+ChewTune, etc. If you have many other videos to deal with, it is the right place for you. Just go to find your favorite.

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