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Aug 24

Fastest Converting Tivo files for playing, home sharing and uploading


You may capture some TV shows to Tivo files and would like to enjoy them at home and sharing with family or friends. It becomes the pursuit of more and more people who are getting bored with endless and annoying ads. But the Tivo are saved by digital video recorders with copyright protection, you can not enjoy these videos for freely.

In order to more easily and freely watch those Tivo videos on computer and your Android/iOS devices, to playback or sharing on YouTube/Vimeo/Facebook, to convert TiVo to DVD or simply some other formats becomes a great demand among those people. The best Tivo Converter Ultimate from Pavtube studio is highly recommended for its easy interface, efficient workflow and reliable video quality. It will help you to convert Tivo files to MP4 format for that it’s widely accepted by PC, Andorid/iOS/Windows 8 phones/tablets, or convert Tivo files to proper video format for home sharing and uploading directly. What’s more, you can also convert TiVo videos to other formats like MKV, AVI, ASF, MP4, XviD, MOV, M4V, WMV, VOB, FLV, SWF and more.

P.S. If you want to convert Tivo files for editing in Final Cut Pro, iMovie, Final Cut Express, Avid Media Composer, Adobe Premiere Pro on Mac(including Mavericks, Mountain Lion), The iMedia Converter for Mac or HD Video Converter for Mac is recommended to you.

Now, get it installed and let’s start to quick convert Tivo files to proper video formats with perfect video/audio sync technology.

Step One. Transfer the Tivo files to PC.

Although the TiVo Desktop software for the Mac (supplied by TiVo) does not allow user to transfer TiVo recordings to Mac, you can transfer TiVo to Mac/ MacBook with specific software as long as your TiVo box is connected to your home network. Once you’ve recorded your favorite shows on your TiVo box, freeware like the TiVoDecode Manager can accomplish this task for you.

Step Two. Launch this Tivo Video Converter Ultimate.

Click the top left icon to import your tivo video files.

It will pop up a window to remind you submit the tivo key. Click “OK” and enter your tivo media key.

Here is a easy way to trim out commercial ads in Tivo: click the pencil-like icon on the top, switch to “Trim”, you will be able to set up and start and end point easily.

Step Three. Click the “Format” and choose proper presets for playback, home share, etc.

You can see profiles for iPad, iPhone, iPod, Apple TV, Android, Windows, etc. and you can choose one according to your device model.

For users who want to upload to YouTube, you are suggested to choose Common Video > MPEG-4 Movie(*.mp4)

Step Three. You can also click the “Settings” button to customize video size, bitrate(quality), frame rate and other settings.

Pls note that the higher bitrate you choose, the better video quality you will get.

Step Four. Click the “Convert” button to start converting Tivo files to suitable video formats for playback or sharing. Wait for moments, after conversion, click “Open” to locate the converted video.

Now, you can enjoy heartedly those Tivo videos on your computer or on some other devices or on TV with your family and friends.

Knowledge about TiVo

TiVo is a digital video recorder, developed and marketed by TiVo, Inc. and introduced in 1999. TiVo provides an electronic television programming schedule, whose features include “Season Pass” schedules which record every new episode of a series, and “WishList” searches which allow the user to find and record shows that match their interests by title, actor, director, category, or keyword.

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