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Mar 13

Real Racing 3 Cheats, tips and tricks iOS, Android


This weekend we are excited to be posting about the Real Racing 3 Cheats, our team just searched and found this special free cheat for real racing 3 and wanted to give everyone a opportunity to enjoy it. As of now you can end your quest looking for tutorials on how to cheat the Real Racing 3 software app on your iOS(iPad, iPhone, iPod) or Android.

Getting a second car as quickly as possible might seem like strange money-saving advice to give, but once you’ve got two cars in your garage you get a lot more time on the track. That means you’ve got a lot more opportunities to earn money, and with a couple of low-performance cars running in tandem, you should rarely find yourself short of something to do.

The cleaner you drive, the less damage you’ll incur. EA may have removed the timers for on-road damage, but you’ll still have to pay out of your winnings to get your vehicle back to peak condition. The most important thing to do is get ahead of the pack as quickly as possible on the opening straights, while taking extreme caution at the first corner.

In Aungame app game team’s test, they finding that the starting cars are fairly equal in performance, we recommend picking the Silvia for its superior acceleration and braking attributes. The former will get you ahead of the dangerous pack more quickly, and the latter will save you from frustrating pangs against the AI.

If you want to make money, you’re going to have to drive at your peak performance. That means becoming less reliant on the various assists in the game, and taking more direct control over your vehicle. Experiment with bringing down the assists by degrees until you find a balance between performance and your own ability.

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