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Mar 05

How to Use Video Player on Samsung Galaxy Tab 2?


Your Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 LCD screen provides playback of videos. Use video player to view and manage videos stored.

From a Home screen, touch Apps > Video player.

Touch the ThumbnailsList, or Folders tab.

Touch Search lens icon and use the keyboard to enter a search term. The current folder is searched and results are displayed. Touch X to remove the search field.

While viewing the list, touch Menu for options:

  • List by: Display videos by Name (default), Date, Size, or Type.
  • Share via: Share the video with Dropbox, Google+, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi Direct, YouTube, Gmail, or Email.
  • Delete: Touch videos to select them for deletion or touch Select all to delete all videos. Touch Delete to delete the selected videos.
  • Auto play next: Touch to enable or disable automatic playing of videos in the order they appear.
  • Scan for nearby devices: Discover and connect directly to nearby devices.


Touch a video to play it. While playing a video, touch the screen to display or hide on-screen playback controls.

Touch the icon in the upper left corner of the display screen while the video is playing to change the Display Mode from original size to full screen in ratio or full screen.

  • Original Size: Changes the display mode to the original size.
  • Full-Screen in Ratio View: Changes the display mode to the full-screen in ratio option. The video is enlarged as much as possible without becoming distorted.
  • Full-Screen View: Changes the display mode to full screen. That is, the entire screen is used, which may cause some minor distortion.
  • Touch SoundAlive to set the sound quality to Normal, Voice, Movie, or Virtual 7.1 ch.


While the video is playing, touch Bookmark to mark your favorite areas of the video. A yellow mark displays on the progress bar.

During playback, press Menu for options:

  • Share via: Send the video by ChatON, Dropbox, Google+, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi Direct, YouTube, Gmail, or Email.
  • Trim: Trim the original video or trim the video and create a new video.
  • Via Bluetooth: Turn Bluetooth on to use Bluetooth services.
  • Video maker: Open this video in the Video maker app.
  • Bookmarks: If bookmarks have been set for this video, a thumbnail and time are displayed for each bookmark. Touch – icon to remove a bookmark.
  • Settings: Touch this option to view the following:

- Play speed: Touch and drag the slider to decrease or increase play speed.

- Subtitles: View subtitles for the video, if available.

- Auto play next: Enable or disable auto play of the next video.

  • Details: Provides details about the video, such as Name, Size, Resolution, Duration, Format, and Date modified.
  • Video auto off: Automatically turn off the video. Options are: Off, After playing, After 15 min, After 30 min, After 1 hr.
  • Scan for nearby devices: Discover and connect directly to nearby devices.



This article will work on both Samsung Galaxy Tabs; including Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 and Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1.

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