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Feb 26

How to post a video from new iPad to Facebook/YouTube and edit iPad videos before uploading


How to upload new iPad video to YouTube? How to post a video from new iPad to Facebook? How to edit your new iPad videos before uploading? How to quickly access to iPad Facebook? Here you can get some tips and tricks about iPad Facebook YouTube.

If you have bought the iPad 3, you may have already noticed that the new iPad has a much improved camera than older iPads. You can easliy use this camera to take high quality vidoes that can be shared with your friends and family on Facebook or YouTube.

There are many iOS and iPad apps available that make it easy to share videos on YouTube and Facebook.

Part 1: How to post a video from iPad 3 to Facebook?

Part 2: How to share a video from iPad 3 to YouTube?

Part 3: How to edit your new iPad videos before posting/uploading?


Part 1: How to post a video from new iPad to Facebook?

A question from

How do you post a video to facebook from new iPad?

I uploaded some video I took from my computer to the ipad 3. The videos are not in the photo app, but the video one. It doesn’t have a spot there where it says email or post to Facebook.


Facebook is the biggest social site to communicate with friends via photos, videos, words and more. iPad is the most fantastic device till now to browse the internet, watch movies, check emails etc. on the go. So what would happen when the two meet? Amazing! To make your iPad Facebook experience more entertaining, I collect some useful tips and tricks for you:
While the Photo app can work for uploading videos on YouTube , you need a Facebook for iPad app for uploading videos on Facebook. “Facebook for iPad” is free to download.

Once you have downloaded and installed free Facebook app on your iPad, you can now upload a video. The process is same for uploading a photo on Facebook using “Facebook for iPad”.

1. Launch Facebook for iPad app. Go to your iPad Home screen and launch the Facebook app.

2. Sign in Your Facebook account. The app will ask you to sign in to your Facebook account, provide your user name and password.

3. Go to Photo. Tap on the Photo option at the top under the main navigation bar.

4. Select or Create a Video. The next screen will ask you to take a new video or choose one from the library to upload on Facebook.

5. Select Video from Library. For this tutorial, select a video from your library. If you want, you can also take a video and upload it directly.

6. Find a video. You can now find and select a video in your photo library to upload on Facebook.

7. Provide Video details. Once You have selected a video, you can now provide details about the video that includes video description, title etc. Before posting your video, you can also change a few settings. It is optional for you to provide these details as you can upload the video without including any information. To upload, you just have to tap on the “Post” button at the upper right hand corner of your screen.

8. Tag Friends and Family. If you want to tag some of your friends and family in your video or photo, just click the icon with a person on the left and provide the name of the person you want to tag. Once you start typing the name, a list will automatically pop up on your screen, tap your friend’s name.

9. Add a location. You can add a location to your Video or Photo by tapping on the “Location” and providing details in the text box.

10. Select a Group. If you only want to share your video or photo with a selected group of people, you can Tap on the little gear in the right bottom corner of your screen to adjust what group of people or lists can view your video or photo.

11. Done. Once you have selected all option accordingly, you can now tap on “Post” to upload the media on your Facebook profile.

Part 2: How to share a video from iPad 3 to YouTube?

A question from

Is there a way to upload videos to youtube from new iPad?

so, I have some videos taken from my ipad that I’d like to post on youtube but when I wrnt to youtube, (you know how the formating of everything on the screen is different on the ipad) the icon to click on for uploading was nowhere to be found. Is it just extra hard to find in the complicated ipad formating? f so can someone tell me how to find it? Thanks.


Sharing videos that you create using your new iPad on YoutTube is very easy as iOS for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch has YouTube integration built right in.

1. Select Video. To select a video to share on YouTube, tap on Photos app and select any video that you want to share.

2. Send Video to YouTube. You can see an arrow icon at the upper right hand corner of your screen. Click the icon and tap “Send to YouTube”.

3. Sign in Your YouTube Account. If you already have an account on YouTube, sign in to YouTube by providing user name and password.

4. Provide Video Details. The next screen will ask you about the details of your video. This may include title of your Video, description, tags, and category. You can choose between the different resolutions for your uploaded video. You can select either high definition version or standard definition. We recommend you to use High definition version by tapping on HD. Please note that HD version takes longer to upload, if you want a quick upload, you can use standard version for your video.

This is it!! Your new iPad will start uploading your video to your YouTube account automatically. There is no need to wait till whole video is uploaded as new iPad allows you to close Photos app and continue doing other things on your iPad while it upload the video quietly in the background. The new iPad will notify you by displaying a pop up on your screen once the upload successfully completes.

Part 3: How to edit your new iPad videos before posting/uploading?

Yes, you of course can upload iPad video to Facebook via the Facebook application or upload iPad video to YouTube! You only need: log in the Facebook app, go to the status bar where you can see an option to upload iPad pictures and videos to Facebook directly. This is not a tough work. The tough work is what if the video is too large and it will definitely take a long time to upload your video to Facebook – that’s unpleased, isn’t that? So how to split the video or get the certain part of the video to upload more easily and quickly? Here you can get an answer:

As a Mac user, there is a native video editing tool named iMovie for you to split your video:

  • 1. Plug your new iPad into the Mac
  • 2. Open iMovie
  • 3. Head to the File menu, choose Import from camera,
  • 4. You will see the video shots on your new iPad, select the target ones to import to the iMovie,
  • 5. Now you can see the video appeared in the left bottom of the main interface of iMovie, drag it to the top right section for editing.
  • 6. Move the mouse cursor to the point where you wanna it to be beginning of the video click it and then move the cursor to the point where is the end of the iPad video which would be uploaded.
  • 7. After the selection, head to Edit bar and choose Cut.
  • 8. Now you have shortened the iPad video. To share to Facebook, go to Share menu and select Facebook,
  • 9. Enter your Facebook info.
  • 10. Click OK.
  • 11. Done.

If you want to edit, add titles or transitions, or otherwise make your videos even more fantastic before uploading, you can do that right on your iPad with either Apple’s iMovie.


In addition, No iMovie or prefer other Mac video editor? Then try Media Magician for Mac. This is a Mac editing tool which enables you to edit your video in any format in extremely easy way:

1. Transfer your iPad 3 video back to Mac

If your video on iPad is shot by the iPad camera, you of course can easily transfer the video back to Mac easily: connect the device to Mac, open iPhoto if the app didn’t launched automatically, then you will see the photos and videos shot by your iPad camera by clicking the device name under Devices in the left sidebar of iPhoto. Select the target video, head to the top right corner of the iPhoto interface, where you can see “Import selected”, click it. After that, your video shot would be shown in the “Last Import “category section, right click the imported video under the category, then you will see a pop-up windows where you need to choose “Copy”, now the video have been copied to the desktop of your Mac.

2. Open Media Magician for Mac and shorten the video from new iPad

After the launch of the Mac Video Editor, drag and drop iPad 3 video onto Timeline. The control buttons on timeline help you locate frames accurately so that you can cut, trim, delete, and merge video clips in a much easier way. The detailed info reference the following tutorial:

Now you know how to share videos to both Facebook and YouTube so you can get out there and start testing out the new camera in your brand new iPad.

I hope you will find this tutorial helpful and interesting, keep reading our blog for more upcoming how to tutorials on the new iPad and its interesting features.

Feel free to share your feedback in the comments below!!

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