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Dec 28

2013 Hi-Tech 4-Way Battle: Apple vs. Google vs. Facebook vs. Amazon



The most heated corporate competition in the entertainment industry will most certainly not be the TV networks against each other, or against cable, let alone the radio giants squaring off against one another or and satellite online radio. According to the Wall Street Journal, the biggest business clashes will be a four-way battle between APPLE, AMAZON, GOOGLE and FACEBOOK, all of whom "have been creeping into each other’s turf for years. In 2013, their war is set to escalate around two …

Once, when everything was clear, there were those who did operating systems, hardware, and those who finally put together the two solutions into a finished product. Then came on the scene actors difficult to define as Google, Amazon, Facebook, whose contours are elusive as members of the new web economy, based on the delivery of services through hardware/software platforms and since then the boundaries between different fields have become increasingly blurred. In 2013, their war is set to escalate around two fronts: hardware and search.”

Software titans Google and Amazon look to invade the hardware turf with new smartphones (more and better ANDROID and an anticipated AMAZON phone) and tablets (improved versions of the KINDLE). Apple is beefing up its foray into software (via continual improvements on SIRI, among other things) and its enhanced APPLE TV.

Facebook plans to enhance its search capabilities and is expected to battle the others in everything from e-commerce to online ads.

“They are all getting into each other’s market,” OPUS RESEARCH analyst GREG STERLING said. “It is a land grab in a way to appeal to developers, who can help make their services truly ubiquitous.”

On the one hand such as Google, Facebook and Amazon are focusing more and more decision to make their devices that allow them to deliver their services better, to have more control and earn more than pensions that they produce. On the other hand there are realities such as Apple, in response, are growing increasingly proprietary services to be integrated in their products, so that they do not lose their visibility in relation to those proposed by the first three, not to mention that, recently, Microsoft seems to want to marry with greater conviction corporate organization similar to that of Cupertino.

As we know in fact Google, strong acquisition of Motorola would develop a smartphone and a tablet can make it difficult for the products of the bitten apple, while Amazon, after the success of its Kindle Fire tablet, Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HD would like to repeat, always with a mobile phone. All four companies involved also see the search as an excellent opportunity to push their own solutions and the other three are then trying to marginalize more and more into their devices the weight of the engine Google.

Apple, for example in the future will further expand the capabilities of its voice assistant Siri to respond to a greater number of subjects, while Zuckerberg, CEO and founder of Facebook, had already hinted at a conference last September to the endless possibilities that our friends can correctly answer our question. Online advertising and e-commerce are also opportunities can finally fight between the four giants.

So it is very likely that the major changes that are affecting the whole physiognomy of the world market are just starting out and that this 2013 will see some good.

For the above summary:

  • Google. Perhaps the most wide-ranging of the giants, it’s clashing more and more with rivals in telecommunications and cable TV. Thanks to its $12.5 billion purchase of Motorola, expect Google to expand in all aspects of Android and smartphones. (It also wants to take most of Microsoft’s Office business, notes SlashGear.)
  • Amazon. The Kindle Fire HD (running on Google’s Android) has garnered raves and earned a strong niche versus Apple’s iPad. But rumors are swirling that 2013 will be the year Amazon brings out a smartphone of its own.
  • Facebook. With the social network rewriting its code for mobile devices, many predict that a move into hardware will be coming any day now, even though Mark Zuckerberg has repeatedly denied it. Also expect to see Facebook getting more aggressive with its own search technology and online retailing.
  • Apple. Apple may be king of the tech hill these days, but many experts say that just gives the company more areas it needs to defend. But Apple isn’t only playing defense, and is increasingly looking to move into TV.

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